Saturday, January 28, 2017


She posted the picture but she deleted soon after
She was also telling people to raise their arms

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1. She can do whatever with her arms, it's not the issue, the problem is that she purposefully hung her feet like that

2. Where was it?
 > In Japan

3. I know she's not hanging her feet on the glass window, but the behavior is still rude

4. Wow, national embarrassment

5. CL was the one hanging her feet like that? Wow it's kinda rude, makes me see her in a new light

6. She told the people around her to raise their arms.. I'm picturing myself sitting in the front seat with people behind me hanging their legs in the air and taking pictures... It's so so

7. ?????? That's way too rude...

8. What is she doing with her hands and feet... She's not even a choding anymore..

9. I understand that she wanted to take a picture in the amidst of the situation, but why did she take it like that... She could've taken the picture anywhere else

10. That driver must've felt so so seeing her stick her high heels on his window like that


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