Saturday, January 28, 2017


(t/n: the real title should be "talentless hair dressers who made a mistake while trying to do a "choppy bang" but ended up creating the "hime cut")

Hime cut: Cutting long hair straight hair in a stair-case fashion. First you need to cut your bangs, then cut another bangs next to your ears, the uniqueness of the cut is that everything is horizontal!

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1. Hime cuts suit anime characters more, it looks prettier and more natural
 > Right? When saw the anime pictures I went "Ah! They were going for that haircut..."

2. There's a kid in our class with that haircut and she managed to pull it off

3. I think that Hime cut will soon become the trend..Personally I find it too Japan-esque for me..

4. Wow do you really think this can become the trend....?

5. I've never seen anyone pull off the Hime cut...

6. Kim Min Hee would suit those kind of hair

7. My friend did that and she looks so weird

8. Before doing it I was kinda worried, but they cut it prettily so I'm relieved ㅋㅋ 

9. I cut my hair like that, I cut the sides until my neck, I thought it would be weird, but it's unexpectedly nice

10. The face completes the look..


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