Tuesday, January 9, 2018


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1. [+1815, -38]
Achillo needs to receive some personality education before he wants to come out. He's a 05'er, so he's still a choding, yet he calls a 94'er a ret*rd, it makes you wonder if his mind is healthy? He's still a choding and he makes it so obvious that he still has so much to learn, but he has already debuted so he should at least start learning how to greet people with a bow. I know that rappers proves themselves through their skills, but first and foremost, humans proves themselves through having manners

t/n: 병신 has several meanings = ret*rd/f*cker/d*ckhead/etc.

2. [+1499, -24]
Please let the company educate his personality first

3. [+1230, -28]
Achillo... I'm already worried for his future...

4. [+1191, -22]
Where is the explosive response?ㅋㅋㅋ  People around me are all swearing at them

5. [+941, -46]
Hm.... They're quite talented for sure, but if the rumors around that kid is true then...

6. [+616, -9]
Isn't he the one who came out on TV and called fans "stupid fangirls" and his sunbae a rap ret*rd? I can understand that you have your own way of speaking but, the way you speak is detestable. Can you really use the word ret*rd when you compare someone to something? And a sunbae on top of that? Never mind the fact that he's a sunbae, but as human to human, you can really call someone like that?

7. [+533, -9]
I just came here after listening to Achillo's rap? Isn't he the actual rap ret*rd?ㅋㅋㅋ  Damn kids nowadays would do anything to hit big~ his personality is already a thing, but he decided to diss RM, seems like he wanted to get his attention~ I had some expectations for his rap, but I was so disappointed~ So this is how all choding rappers can do? Ha~ I'm so dumbfounded I wasted my time and I wasted my ears, maybe if you had some talent, you'd appeal to people~

8. [+521, -6]
Achillo? Please fix your personality first, so you call your fans "stupid fangirls?"


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