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Hello, I’m a pregnant wife and I’ve been married to my husband for around 11 weeks.
I’m gonna read this (please don’t swear at me..!)
My forehead is pretty fleshly and big, as well as my cheeks
But my husband would always poke it several times a day or hit it lightly…
The people who received forehead flicks would understand, more than being painful, getting flicked like this just hurts my feelings… he would just come in randomly and start playing around ㅜㅜ
Furthermore, he would grab my cheeks and twist them. The intensity is never the same (it seems like he would do it harder if I scream at him or if he’s in a bad mood though ㅡㅡ..)
I feel like his actions are getting worse and worse so at some point, I started getting stressed because of him…
My husband said that he’s just joking with me because I’m cute but I think that he’s not feeling like this anymore.
I’ve talked to him about it, I even threatened him saying how I could have a miscarriage because of the stress but nothing goes throughㅜㅜ
Right now, when I talk about it, he just gets annoyed and makes fun of my nagging…
We’ve never fought seriously because of this but I’m scared because I think that we’ll have a big fight because of thisㅜㅜ
How am I supposed to deal with this? Please give me advice!!

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남자 ㅇㅇ |2018.04.03 12:14 신고하기
He’s like that because he wasn’t well raised at home

ㅇㅇ |2018.04.03 11:06 신고하기
If you talk about this nicely with him, he won’t understand. Next time, when he hits your cheeks, hit him in the back of his head hard. And if he gets mad, just tell him that it’s a joke. He will understand that person receiving it is the one who gets his feelings hurt and will know that it’s not a joke anymore. You have to put him back in his right mind

주먹 |2018.04.03 11:04 신고하기
There’s no use to fighting back when he does these things… every time your husband does it, start screaming like crazy and take a pair of scissors and cut up all his clothes. He won’t touch you anymore...

어어 |2018.04.03 09:16 신고하기
You shouldn’t be concerned about having a big fight with your husband but about him continuing to do these annoying actions even after your big fight. Just wait for your big fightㅋㅋ you’ve been warning him all this time. So just gather up all your forces for the fight

ㅇㅇ |2018.04.03 12:24 신고하기
He’s exactly like our dad. He doesn’t care whether he hurts others or not, he just does everything for his own entertainment. I’ve been annoyed by him, got mad at him and even screamed at him.. it just doesn’t work. So  I just stay in my own room at home. I just ignore him now. After I got married, I got a kid and he’s acting the same way with my kid too. No matter how our kids hates it and cries, my dad is just like “hohoho” ㅡㅡ; right now, my kid is 8 y.o. but he’s always hated grandpa the most. There will be no one who would love your husband. He’s not joking with people but harassing them and making them go crazy!

ㅡㅡ |2018.04.03 10:48 신고하기
I think that hitting your husband back on the forehead and pulling his cheeks will be a simple solution


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