Thursday, April 26, 2018


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I’m asking this so I know I’m not alone! Recently, one of my guy friends asked me out! I’m not very good at flirting and I don’t know how to react when someone flirts around me, which is why I messed up badly this time. I’d appreciate some advice for the future or for this guy, so please read what I have to say! To give a bit of context, my friend group is pretty big, I’m close with some people more than others, and this boy (I’ll call him D for clarity) had recently joined our group. D hung around with some of the other boys in our group but he gradually started talking to everyone else, including me. When we went to lunch, we would all sit at a big table, and when multiple seats were free, D would always sit in the empty seats near me, even if that meant he was away from his close friends. We have a few lessons together and we would joke about so much that we would often get told off for being too loud or not doing work! In this time, I got to know D and found out about his personality. He’s very funny and is the kind of guy to tease you when he flirts. He’s also got quite good looks; he’s a lot taller than me, over 6 foot apparently, blonde, and sporty! I can’t deny that I had a bit of a crush on him, and because of this, I started inviting him to come out with me and my friends. D would always accept, even though he was the only boy, but even if I didn’t have a crush on him, we had a good time and he made us all laugh a lot! Anyway, this is where the confession begins. I got a text from D on a Saturday asking if I wanted to go see a movie on Sunday. I was pretty excited already because he had never been the one to invite me out, it had always been me asking him. I accepted and asked him who else was going, imagine this is our texts lol: M “Sure, who else is coming?” D “It’s just us so far” D “Who else do u want to come?” M “(friend a) or (friend b)?” D “(b) is busy but idk about (a)” I was going to ask my friend (a) but I realised that this was my chance for it to be just us, so I just made up some excuse.. M “(a) is busy too. Do you mind it’s just us two?” D “Nope, it makes things easier!” So we made plans and met up on Sunday. We watched a movie and afterwards, we went to a cafe. We were ordering drinks and he ordered a slice of cake for us to share, I was shocked since it was out of nowhere, but he said that he thought I was hungry (I was lol). We both finished up and started walking back to the bus stop which was kind of far away, through a park. It was around 5:00pm and it was pretty cold and was getting dark (this is uk btw), and I only had a thin coat on as it wasn’t as cold that day, but suddenly he grabbed my arm and pulled me off the path onto the grassy bit. He asked me if I was cold and because I just wanted to get to the bus in time and into the warmth, I said no and moved to keep walking. He held my arm though and wouldn’t let me go, and he pulls me to him and wraps his arms around me. I have no idea how to react so I just stay really stiff, letting him hug me but not hugging back. He starts to move his hands, like rubbing my arms to warm me up, and I just let him do it, sort of laughing. I look at his face and he looks sort of upset, but I think that maybe he’s cold too so I let it slide. He stops and looks straight in my eyes and says “Can you not tell? Can you not tell that I like you?” I’m super shocked so I start going like “Wha..uh..oh..” because I don’t know what to say, but he then turns and keeps walking. I run to catch up with him and we both just walk in silence, and when we get on the bus, he sits on a different seat to be and got off a stop early, instead of the one we both get off at. He didn’t text me after or anything and I was too embarrassed to text either. This week he hasn’t even looked at me. I’ve considered telling him that I like him too, but I think he hates me now? Ugh, anyway if you have advice I’d appreciate it, but please tell me your failed love stories too, so I know I’m not the only terrible flirt!

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