Friday, April 13, 2018

[PC stories/teen stories] KOREA'S VIEW OF BLACK GUYS

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I'm Korean American. Recently I was in Korea for a short amount of time to visit some family and friends. In Korea, I went to retreat with a church and we had bonding time in the youth group. We were split into genders and we were writing questions down and someone asked what each of our ideal types were. Girls replied things like "tall, handsome, funny.." etc and I said that I would want a guy with a good personality. Some people pressed for more, asking what I want in a guy looks-wise. I've liked a wide range of guys (lol) and I was kind of flustered so I replied that looks didn't matter to me. After my statement, someone asked me if it was even okay that he was black. I was dumbfounded. They said it as if being black made someone less attractive or not attractive at all. I know that they see whiter=beautiful but I never thought I would come across a remark like that. Anyways, of course I said that it didn't matter if he was black- I've liked black guys before and there's attractive people of every color and race. Now they were surprised and dumbfounded by my answer. Have you guys been flustered of anything when you first learned about Korean culture?

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