Wednesday, May 23, 2018


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Hi guys, I just wanted to share this story with you all to get your opinion. Please don't think I'm being terribly superficial or anything- This is me being frank with yall. I'm in a huge dilemma. So three years i got to know a guy that was in my classes. His looks are honestly way below average which is why I never thought I would catch feelings for him? So I was really shocked when I kind of did once. I was in class and he was one of the people at my table. We sit in our own groups during most classes, so he was there with me and I remember being kind of shocked when he pulled a chair out for me and I felt really shy? Like a heart fluttering moment.... But the thing is- and I'm not trying to be rude or put him down or anything- he's pretty ugly.. Like even with rose tinted glasses on, even after the heart fluttering moment, I still think he's like... really ugly? I know i sound like a total b*tch omg but hear me out. I am legitimately terrified that I'm going to end up dating someone who's very ugly. I can't say much for myself but if I'm being honest, yes, I don't wish to marry someone who's very much below average. Like that guy. I'm so sorry that I had to say this but I just wanted to get all of your opinions- even though I have that mindset I was still able to get the heart fluttering feeling with the ugliest guy I have ever known. Is that weird..? And um, one more thing... He confessed to me yesterday. It was a friday night so I didn't reply him even until now but I'm gonna have to see his face again soon. what the heck do I do now??? On the one hand I guess he isn't a bad guy, but to be honest... his face is a bit... What if I date him and somehow we end up marrying and I have the ugliest baby known to mankind. And to every mother, her baby is the cutest baby. So I'm going to be there with the ugliest baby but cooing over it and my friends are going to be like "wow. this b*tch is crazy". That may have been a bit of a reach but yeah that's how ugly he is. I'm sure he has a nice heart though. We aren't close but we're acquaintances. So.. have you ever liked or dated a super ugly person? Help me out here please :-( I'm scared of both rejecting and accepting him :/ Have a great day pc-tizens!

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