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First of all, since there are a lot of people who might not know this,
I'm going to tell you what the issue is first.
GOT7's fandom IGOT7 is known as Agase as an affectionate term
Golden Child's fandom is called Goldenness
It all started because Golden Child released their new album

Golden Child designed their new album as a carrier with a hard case
2 years ago, GOT7 first released their album with a hard case carrier

Golden Child's stickers. Those are provided so that you can decorate the carrier like when you go on vacation
Got7 stickers. As expected, those too are made so you can decorate your carrier, which is the album cover

This is what Golden Child's album is supposed to look like with stickers on
And this is the sight of GOT7's album

Their photocards are done in a fashion to make it look like boarding passes
While Got7's photocards are also done to mimic boarding passes

Golden Child's CD design
GOT7's CD design

I'm gonna start with the album design concept plagiarism
There are just too many overlapping areas
Not only the album, but the MV, the initials, the song title
People have even rose the issue about the costumes
At first, I was skeptical and I thought it could've been only coincidental
A lot of Agases thought like me so I wasn't planning to post here
But the album design alone is sufficient to make a post

There were a lot of Agases who brought this issue on Twitter for the album being similar
Since our fandom hates being loud
we didn't blame Woollim for it
We're not saying this is Golden Child's fault
We were really careful to not damage any party

Even with the hastags
There were people who started trending Woollim_Clarify_AlbumDesign
We were really careful with it, and the atmosphere was still good
We also considered if Golden Child members went on Twitter, how they would feel

But out of nowhere, some Goldennesses started saying that Agases were terrorizing them on Melon and that they were trending Plagiarism with the related search terms
There was a lot of misunderstanding and there were people who started attacking Agases
Of course, Agases aren't known for terrorizing on Melon
And we have no interest in creating trending search terms
And I obviously can't control the whole fandom either
So I'm going to give a feedback carefully
There were Goldenness fans who attacked us and right now, some Agases got mad
It feels like both parties are hurting each other and there are misunderstanding being created left and right

At first, we only wanted Woollim to apologize and give a feedback
But right now, Agases have already stopped minding it, and we're just tired of Goldenness attacking us
The Twitter tag also went from Woollim to GNCD
I don't understand why our fandoms are fighting when the fault is the company's 
There will be no end if we say "you started this first" "you hated on us first"
Let's just focus on Woollim instead

I just hope all this get solved

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ㅇㅇ |2018.07.07 09:16 신고하기
Agases showed how well-behaved they can be...; If it was our fandom, we would've never stood still ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.07 12:55 신고하기
This is straight up too obvious, it's completely the same

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.07 09:05 신고하기
Okay this is severely identical-;;;;

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.07 12:10 신고하기
I'm not a fan of any of those 2 groups, but I'm just going to say that whenever issues like those appear, having trending hashtags bashing your group is inevitable.. And it's the right thing to go after Woollim for it, since they're the ones who know which singers will be involved in this issue..; There isn't only one group in Woollim so if you thought of only trending plagiarism along with Woollim, other groups aside of Golden Child could've been affected, so it was smart to change it to golden child in English. Adding Woollim would ensure that they're the ones giving the feedback though... Anyways both groups' fandoms should be seeking Woollim's feedback right now


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