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I'm just a muggle who enjoys the music industry
I know that idols really put a lot of work in their stage but
I really hope they start feeling embarrassed for lipsyncing all the time
Of course, the company is also at fault for giving them over the top choreography, which is thoughtless
I understand that when they go on music broadcast, or year end shows, they don't even bother adjust the sound system for the members
I also know that they have pre-recordings somethings and they have to film several music shows in a day so their condition might become worse...
I can understand that to some extent, there are situations that will impede their live performance
but I just get such a big disappointment every time I watch their lives and I just see them singing AR while barely moving their lips...
The reason why I like music and I like to listen to singers sing live is because...
You can kinda feel the artist in them, and you can feel that their voices are real and the emotions are there?
It's sad to see that Korea almost take it for granted that because you're an idol, it will naturally be lipsync ㅠㅠ
Until the end of the of 2000, idols were all singing live...
You guys always swear at people for not being able to sing, but isn't lipsyncing and pretending to be able to sing even worse...?

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ㅇㅇ |2018.07.14 04:39 신고하기
I feel like if you're going to pull a performance through lipsyncing, you aren't worth being called a singer

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.14 07:59 신고하기
Because of all those idols who set the prejudice against themselves, it feels like "singers" have become something of the past, I really hope that this stops at some point. We need a day where idols who are punched out of factories get replaced by idols who are genuinely talented. But the funniest thing is that all those guys who swear and ridicule male idols are the same people who drool over girl idols lipsyncing and shaking their butts

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.14 13:28 신고하기
Do they think that because they can't sing since the dance is too difficult, it makes them better dancers?.. They're basically turning those idols who can sing AND dance all synchronized into fools ㅠㅠ I f*cking hate lipsyncing

보라돌이 |2018.07.14 18:25 신고하기
Because of the eolbbas (t/n: fans only for visuals) I stopped caring about idols, but right now, my bias have crazy synchronized choreography and they also perform live, so I started fangirling again. I know that there are instances where they just can't sing live, but I still hate lipsyncing

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.14 16:19 신고하기
My bias are idols and they can sing, dance and pull a good performance, so I like them. They've never lipsynced in concerts. If they can't even perform for 3 minutes on a music show live... Aren't they just dancers?

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.14 12:10 신고하기
I'm not asking them for lives on every music show, but I really hope they stopped lipsyncing when they perform overseas like in Kcon. The tickets are so freaking expensive, I feel like it's impolite for the audience to not perform live


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