Wednesday, July 11, 2018


This is a bit long ㅠㅠ
My mom was sick so she was staying at the hospital
I went there  to visit her and she’s staying in a 4-people room.
When I went to visit her, all her roommates went out so there was no one else in the room than me and my mom so we just chatted and chatted. My mom normally doesn’t talk much about my dad. When I was in my first year of high school, they were talking about getting a divorce so we’ve been living separately. It was the time when I started my studies and my mom came back living in our house.
At that time, I couldn’t understand my mom at all and I hated her.
I didn’t know why.
I liked both my mom and dad but the relationship between them just wasn’t working.
My mom said that when she was pregnant, she already wanted to file for divorce.
But she had my oppa when she was on her honey moon so she decided not to file for divorce. She never lived the newly married life and only did child care.
She couldn’t endure it after 2 years and decided that she wanted to get a divorce.
But then, I was born.
But my mom never thought of getting an abortion
So she didn’t get a divorce and gave birth to me.
So while we were discussing about other stuffs, I asked her if dad ever hit her before. And my mom said that one day, she got a promotion at her work. So she had a get-together with her team and told my dad that she would get home late. So my mom left me and my brother at an acquaintance’s home and left for her get-together.
Time went by and my mom came to bring us home but when we arrived home, our dad was smoking outside and went inside without saying anything.
My grandma was sitting and already felt that our dad was mad.
My grandma knew that my dad didn’t eat because of my mom’s get-together so she got mad at our mom instead. She started screaming and was like “why are you making our son starve?”
My mom was just under false accusations, so she was fighting back.
My grandma is the naggy type but my mom couldn’t endure it anymore.
And then at that time, my dad came into the room and grabbed my mom by the throat and dragged her to the bed and started hitting her.
My grandma was next to them and didn’t even stop them and continued nagging my mom.
So after all the hitting, my grandma left and it became quiet.
My oppa asked my mom if she was okay while crying but my mom’s kidney area kept on hurting so she kept saying that her belly was hurting.
My oppa went to my dad and told him to bring mom to the hospital.
The doctor said that her kidney was ripped and that she was pregnant but they had to perform surgery.
When I heard that, I cried so much. There was a kid in her belly and the kid died.
She got married at 24 and didn’t even live the married life for a bit.
Our dad is brusque and he doesn’t know anyone else than our grandma.
He’s the personification of stubbornness and conservatism.
But because of us, she didn’t get a divorce earlier.
My oppa still remembers all of this.
I’m not that good at talking and I was bored so thank you for everyone who read it up until here J
You will definitely meet a good spouse
I won’t meet anyone like my dad

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ㅇㅇ |2018.07.10 10:53 신고하기
I’m sorry OP, but your dad isn’t a dad, he’s a criminal who destroyed your family

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.10 01:03 신고하기
You became your mom’s best friend. She went through a lot of hardship raising you up prettily

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.10 12:28 신고하기
Even hitting a grown up kid like a dog is unforgivable… your dad doesn’t deserve to liveㅠㅜ no matter how mad he is, if he was standing in front of a man like Choo Sunghoon, he wouldn’t even be able to say a word

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.10 16:57 신고하기
F*ck, I’m sorry for insulting your parents but your dad is a dog and his personality is that of a f*cker. For real, once you become an adult, just live your life without him. That f*cker…  throw away your load. It’s a relief that you didn’t grow up like your dad ㅇㅇ please get far from him

ㅇㅇ |2018.07.10 20:26 신고하기
She should get a divorce with that criminal right away. Why wait until they get married? Nowadays, people get married in their 30’s.


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