Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Karl Lagerfeld has died at 85, according to reports in France.
The iconic fashion designer, who was the creative director of Chanel, died after a period of ill health that lasted for weeks.
Karl Lagerfeld died on Tuesday, February 19th, French magazine Closer reports.
He had missed two of Chanel's haute couture shows in Paris on January 22, but the fashion company only said he was feeling tired.

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1. Wow crazy.;;

2. Please rest in peace

3. This is somehow so shocking... RIP

4. Rest in peace

5. Hul, he always showed such a vigorous side of him so I'm shocked... RIP

6. What...? All of a sudden? What in the world? ㅠㅠ

7. I can't believe this. Rest in peace

8. Hul.. I'm so shocked.ㅠㅠ RIP

9. I can't believe this... Looks like he was already sick.. ㅠㅠ Rest in peace

10. I seriously don't believe this... I love all the designs he made.. Please rest in peace


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