Monday, November 11, 2019


The members who were sitting on those chairs all got erased

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1. This is just obaㅋㅋ Izone find strength 

2. The staff are f*cking pitiful

3. Why are they being treated like criminals... This is just too serious, I guess they're being coerced to not appear on broadcast anymore, the fans are being pushed on a cliff right now;; 

4. Please just disband them already, this would be better for the fans

5. Wow isn't this going too far? Even criminals don't get treated like that

6. I'm another group's fan and it's not like they're the ones who initiated the whole rigging so is it even necessary to go this far....? This is seriously just going oba, they're getting treated worse than criminals

7. This makes me pity them a bit. They should definitely edit out criminals like Jung Joonyoung but they're not the criminals here... 

8. I do feel bad for them, but I still think that this is better than them getting sworn at for appearing 

9. The PD of this show is hopeless, he knew that they were in a controversy then why invite them and do this? 

10. The staff are the most pitiful here.. 


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