Saturday, March 28, 2020


Context) Three daughters, a husband and his wife
The wife is 40 y.o and had multiple surgeries because of her artificial knee joint
The husband knew about this situation well and even so, he never helped with house chores

In the end, the daughters learned about their mom's pain and started doing the house chores

"I had a knee replacement surgery at 40!"

"They asked me if I was a widow"
The husband never took care of his wife and never went to the hospital to see her either
so the hospital workers asked if she was a widow

"He said that I don't exercise enough"
Her legs' condition worsened due to the amount of work she put into house chores and outdoor work but according to her husband, "she doesn't exercise enough"

The audience was furious

Park Misun: I want to ask you, why do you earn money?
Husband: I want to make our household happy
Park Misun: Do you think that they are happy right now?

Husband: I think that we are happy in our own ways
3 daughters: (............)
Park Misun: It's not like your wife was asking you something so difficult. You know right?

Husband: That's now, but there will be better days in the futureㅎ

Park Misun: It's not because you don't have time, it's because you don't care

*Burst into tears*

Suddenly Park Misun burst into tears and the wife was holding her tears in too
The MCs and guests were all furious

Park Misun: If she was my dongsaeng, I don't think that I would've stayed still

"Her body is in such a bad state at 40..."

Park Misun to husband: "Why can't you see (her situation)?"

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1. [+176, -2]
I f*cking want to murder that husband. What "to make our household happy"? F*ck

2. [+162, -3]
There was something similar posted on Pann back then too and it seriously made me not want to get married;;

3. [+115, -2]
In the far future... It can't be helped but if the wife dies first, he won't even care let alone helping his daughters. He'll just die alone

4. [+57, 0]
I seriously don't think that the daughters will get married.. They've already seen how their dad treats their mom while growing up so do you really think that they'll want to get married? That old bastard better not whine to his daughters about marrying so and so

5. [+43, -2]
I f*cking hate seeing these Hannams crying and regretting later when the girls decide to leave themㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+36, -1]
I got so pissed at the patriarchal husband with no competence whatsoever justifying himself by saying things like "we are happy in our own ways" and "there will be better days"


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