Saturday, July 25, 2020


Yesterday, Hwasa wore traditional African clothing on broadcast and she got sworn at for mocking/ridiculing it
And they also dug out in the past, on radio where she was covering a song and sang the N word
There were no N word in the original lyrics, but Melon added the lyrics by mistake and she saw it and sang it

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1. No but why is this considered racism? Isn't wearing traditional clothing as a fashion statement the trend? It's true that racism towards black people and Asians should stop, but I feel like people would nitpick at the most trivial things right now. She found the traditional clothing pretty herself so she decided to wear it, what's the issue? She was just trying to show it off because she was proud of it? If a black person came out wearing our hanbok, we would say "as expected the hanbok is pretty and foreigners must find it pretty too so they want to show it off" and everyone would've been praising the black person. Their victim mentality is too severe

2. Wow seriously foreigners' interest in KPOP is just too big right now, we won't have any peaceful days anymore... KPOP is just getting bigger and bigger...

3. This was trending #1 in the US?? I don't go on Twitter so I wouldn't know but I saw it trending on Naver... And it didn't really gain that much attention... To think that a clip from I Live Alone can bring this much interest from the US that it would trend #1 really makes me realize how big KPOP's influence is now??..... The Black Life Matter protest really shocked me... Don't tell me this is related to that? ㅠㅡㅠ

4. You shouldn't call them foreigners, those are specifically KPOP fans ㅋㅋㅋ  Just look at their DP and IDsㅋㅋㅋㅋ   Those are all I-roaches. This isn't something that only Mamammoo receives, but they made a huge controversy from my bias group too and they massively RTed and liked those tweets every time. This is something very characteristics to KPOP fans, those Iroaches should just piss off

5. I can agree that using the N word is a huge problem... But I don't know about the traditional clothing, however using the N word is oba

6. Hwasa isn't a fault here, they didn't know the entire information and were all ganging up on the bandwagon. The media's side already changed it, neither Hwasa nor the black people were at fault here

7. Looks like Iroaches are bursting with inferiority complex when looking at Hwasa

8. Foreigners X KPOP Fans O, controversies like that are most of the time caused by those KPOP fans' bullsh*t

9. But I feel like even if she said the N word by accident, she should still apologize. Just imagine how annoyed we would be if a foreigner went Ching Chang Chong

10. Iroaches at it again

11. It feels like those Iroaches' hobby nowadays is to grab any idol and just start dragging them. It's to the point where you don't even know if they're fans or antis anymore. They just see everything as being racist...If they wear clothes a certain way, if they do hair a certain way, if they stick a jewel on their foreheads, etc... And even people who are not even involved in those countries will start a mess... It's as if they don't even want their own bias to hit big by blocking their way.. Those Iroaches love KPOP but don't respect Korean culture... I get so stressed because of Iroaches nowadays

12. Looks like KPOP is really getting famous


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