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I don't know if it's okay to release the pictures, but if you want me to release them, I will 

Hi ChanX-ah 
Thanks to you I will be writing an "exposing post", something I have never done before
We broke up in rather good terms so you will probably get really shocked when you see this
But the 3 years we've spent together, you've fooled me and everything turned into something dirty and ugly. 
ChanX-ah that's your karma and this is something you started
In October 2017, you received my number from an acquaintance and you contacted me first, we started a 'some' just like any normal couple and started chatting. I received your confession and we started dating seriously. 
And just recently, our 3 years anniversary was approaching and I was hit by facts that shocked me so much 
I didn't want to face them before my eyes and ears felt them directly but I still wanted to to refute it until the end and believe in what you said 
But in the 3 years I've been with you, you've been a 'first-time' to someone, and you've been a 'one-night-stand' to someone else and you've always been busy having a new woman to play dirtily with 
Among them, were a damn variety of girl group members, Youtubers, BJs, dancers, flight attendants, etc. I'll omit the rest
Did you enjoy it? 
You're damn famous for it 
Aside from me, the people around you are all aware of how dirty you are
Seriously only I and your fans knew nothing of it
The member that you hated (in EXO) didn't even know we were dating and even when he showed me interest, you didn't say a single thing to that member, you have quite a strange side to yourself
The reason why you never showed your bad mood but would swear at him behind his back was because you had no confidence and I can finally see it now
I told you as a joke "if you're going to cheat on me, do it secretly"
but you ended up doing that quite a lot... 
There are over 10 people from what I heard about you ChanXah
If you're going to act like a douchebag, at least don't touch my acquaintances
Not even 2 days after we broke up, I called you because I couldn't hold back, you couldn't even say a thing after hearing what I was telling you. You were pretending you didn't know anything but when I mentioned the name of the kids you've slept with, you stayed quiet for 3 seconds just to say "So what about them?" you must've been so stupefied but you know what? I recorded all this in case you want to make excuses, I'm sure there will be victims who would love to hear what you have to say. 

But the most hilarious thing in all this is that there's these girls that you've ate, played and slept with that you are unable to refute when I mentioned their names... You could've pretended, just how much of a joke I was .. I'm not scared, what was I for you for the past 3 years... 
Yeah, if I was to blame in this situation as well, I wasn't aware of how much of a douchebag you were, I trusted you and protected you without any tact, I was so blind, if I made a mistake, that would be the only one that I've made.
I've hidden all the pictures that we've taken together because I was scared they were to be leaked and that our relationship was to be revealed, I didn't want to interfere with your work so I didn't even mention about my boyfriend to even my closest friends
I trusted your words when you said that if your music life would be over because of women issues you would kill yourself, so I was busy protecting you 
Please behave like a human a bit.. 
I won't open my mouth more than this because I don't want to make this bigger than it is
Of course, I know best what this is all about 
I don't want this to get any uglier, it just makes me feel freaking disgusting 
so I'll end things here
Just hearing your name now makes my heart sink 
I hope that people in this world knows how much of a bad f*cker you are
Don't contact me anymore


It's the same hat as above

She's still uploading pictures right now (t/n: she removed the pictures) 

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1. I feel like this idol group was never meant to go for the long run. Without an exception this group has had so many controversies of all sorts of dumbfoundingㅋㅋㅋ There's nothing that guarantees that your brat will never get into a controversy 

2. Chen's controversy was only a controversy to the fans, people who were looking from outside never had an issue with him, but if this is all true... This one is over

3. Yah to think that the day we re-evaluate Chen's controversy would arrive so quicklyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. F*ckㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Now I understand why Chen wouldn't leave the group no matter how tormented he is ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. If you were to sleep around with girls like that, you should just stick to sleeping around, why would you seek a relationship?? And is SM not managing their idols anymore? Do they really manage their trainees? 

6. He's indeed Jung Joonyoung's friend

7. Personally, did the EXO member that he hates kinda gave that girlfriend a hint at that time? 
Maybe he was pretending he didn't know about her dating Chanyeol and was offering her a way out for the relationship? 
Of course, he could've been genuinely interested in her but it's so strange to think that he didn't read the situation, and why would he pretend? 

8. Hul hul hul hul hul hul 

9. "I would commit suicide if my music career was ruined due to women issues" This is really something that an SM idol is saying????????? If my acquaintance was dating a SM idol and heard that from him.....Hul.... Isn't this considered a threat? 

10. Wow F*ck Park Chanyeol, to think that the day would arrive for you.. 

11. I feel like of all the people who've been involved with EXO members, she had the worst experience 

12. Why are EXO's controversies this year all coming in lumps of 3?
1. girlfriend 2. wedding 3. premarital pregnancy 
1. 3 years 2. cheating/one-night stand 3. hating another member ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. I don't really care about him having a 3 years relationship but to hate another member is shocking Wow.. 

14. What the hell is happening.. 

15. I wonder who's the member he hates... He makes it seem like he's close to everyone on broadcast, this basically proves that all of EXO are there for business? And they're really science together, I should've known when he said he was close to Jung Joonyoung, he's amazing in many ways 

16. The only answer is for EXO to disband now

"Chanyeol-Irene, selected as Prada's Korean ambassadors"

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1. This isn't a nightmare

2. Prada, wake up

3. Is it night for Prada right now?

4. Wake up (T/N: in English)

5. Why did Prada use SM idols out of everyoneㅋㅋ ah...

6. That person in charge of PR is the most pitiful one 

7. Fighting

8. Prada's pick

9. The devil wears Prada

10. Prada: what's happening?

11. Aigo..

12. Current situation


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