Monday, January 11, 2021


T/N: For context, some fans have been commenting on her mom's Instagram and DMing Sejeong to not get close to Sehun and sending them hate comments.

"Of course, we are close and I admit that we have chemistry on the variety show, but we've never contacted each other privately, and really, we were just enjoying shooting Busted together so you don't have to worry about it. I receive more DM and comments and even nasty comments on my parents' Instagram than I thought. So I was thinking about whether or not I should address this. I wish that you wouldn't say these bad things."

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1. Who is she talking about? If it's someone who shot with her since S1, then it's EXO Sehun?

2. I don't know who she's talking about but why are people always like this towards celebrities...

3. She's talking about Sehun...

4. Hul... haters really have nothing to do ㅜㅜ

5. She got attacked in her DMs because of EXO Sehun. Stop doing that, seriously, you guys are so cheap. So what if they are filming a variety show together? Why would you guys hate on the female idol appearing with him?

6. His fans are making a fuss again

7. She's talking about a male idol?

8. They are telling her not to approach him.. they are acting like the fans of 1st gen idols tsk tsk

9. Sigh... she must have been having it so hard. She's smiling and talking like it's nothing big but I can feel that she thought about whether or not to talk about it a lot

10. She and Sehun filmed Busted together and just took a picture together on a music show because their schedule overlapped. But on Sejeong's SNS, people were asking her not to be with him, etc. They left hate comments on her Instagram and DMs and even went to her mom's Instagram and told her to raise her daughter better, and to tell her daughter to mind her own business. There were so many comments like that

11. Stop messing with Sejeong ㅠㅠ

12. Looks like EXO Sehun's fans are making a fuss again


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