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T/n: Most of the sentences make little sense/lack of structure/bad orthography/lack of punctuation/subject, we'll try to rephrase some bits to clarify her post.

"The psychiatric hospital I used to attend 8 months ago, a nurse who was way younger than used to talked to me at several instances while being mad. I've already told her that we had to change the appointment time in advance because of my schedule, but she didn't listen to me acting fed up/losing patience, it was the hardest time for me, and I was crying, asking the nurse "Why do you do this to me?" and she hung up. Not long later, I got a panic attack, I wasn't self-harming at that time, but I was getting hurt again. 

After that, I couldn't go to the hospital and after 8 months, I contacted the hospital again because that hospital was the most comfortable/familiar place for me to go to, and it was easy to get medications. However, that young nurse called me again. I asked that person "Why are you talking me with that tone when I'm receiving your call so kindly?". When I received her 3rd call today, I've already endured [her tone] 7 times already, I didn't want to endure it anymore, it looks like she thought I was easy or maybe she was trying to test my personality. I told her "Because of you, I can't go to the hospital" and she said "Ah I'll hung up". 
I asked her "is there anything with me or a problem with me? Please tell me" And she replied "No, I'll hung up". I asked her "Why are you like this to me? Apologize" and she said "Sorry, I'm hanging up". 

In the end, we talked face to face with each other, but was I misunderstanding? Is this how a nurse in a psychiatric hospital supposed to treat someone with severe depression? Why are you power tripping on me? If someone from your family had depression and a nurse like you was acting so rude/ignorant towards them, making them anxious because a nurse is dumping all their anger on them, especially coming from someone who is way younger than them, how would you feel? I'm only going to the hospital because I want to receive treatment, I'm not here for you to vent your anger on. 

8 months ago, I was in such an anxious state, I wonder if you will carefully listen to what I'm saying today in the future. You told me yourself to get out, I've frequented a lot of psychiatrists but you don't deserve [me?]. It's right that I should've left, me too I agree to that. Please learn more and think about your patients more. And please don't hurt people with your anger. When I go next time, I hope that I won't hear your words again. 

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"Please, you know it best, so please just resolve this" the only thing I can say to her

2. [+671, -64]
I wonder what the nurse has to say for her defense too, and I want to hear what Jimin and Seolhyun's positions are too. At the time of the 'exposing', she called FNC and basically retired Jimin in the mist of her promotions. And this time, it looks like she's trying to cancel that nurse too... I'm obviously on Mina's side, but I bet that Jimin and Seolhyun must feel tormented right onw too. 

3. [+534, -60]
Looking at this... She probably exaggerated a lot of instances due to her own paranoia and emotional state when she exposed the AOA members

4. [+355, -8]
Her mental state aside, I feel like she has some personality issues too... And the nurse isn't a public figure, so I don't know why she would publicly attack her on her SNS 

5. [+338, -5]
I feel like she's paranoid.. Seriously even if the nurse was in the fault, she said that she spoke to the nurse and she stopped frequenting that hospital, so it should've simply ended there. Why would she reveal this on her IG..

6. [+306, -3]
Seriously she needs to cut her SNS down
[t/n: again, lots of incoherent parts/typos/spelling mistakes] "'Talking to my heart's content towards a commoner?" Ah so if she's a commoner, she has the right to throw her temper onto others, vent their anger without manners, hurt others to the point I was taken to the hospital and it's still both our faults? No. This person stopped like she said she would, I will remote the posts for sure. But what if she doesn't? And I've never commit power trip to anybody, everyone in the hospital can confirm that. But this person acts all polite in front of the doctor. I was so shocked. I've always acted so kind and friendly around her, but does it give her the right to think I'm easy? Do this many people have to hate me? What's weird is that I've never done anything wrong, it's impossible to hate someone without a reason right? Do I look funny to you? I'm a weirdo crying with dozens of people on the calls and having panic attacks, yet you're normal, what are you going to do? I arrived to Seoul and my depression increased like crazy, even with the maximum amount of antidepressant, I'm still getting hurt so easily. On tp of that I've held back for 7 times because of that nurse from the psychiatric hospital, yet I can't even say anything about it? I can't ask anything about it? Don't I deserve an apology? Releasing this post publicly? Why do I have to vent everything in silence when I have nowhere to vent? I can't say anything, so I'm writing down everything here. I was planning to live a life saying whatever I wanted to say, what should I be afraid of? No matter whether they live or die, a person with a stomachache and a sickness will do whatever they want, so why do you hate seeing this? Don't read it all all. Don't swear at me."

7. [+266, -3]
I know this now, why the AOA members can't say anythingㅋㅋ  Whatever they say will be turned into a weapon against them so what do you want them to say? Her words are all over the place and she wrote herself that she received an apology on her IG and that she will stop posting, but now pretends she never received any apologies. She's completely paranoid

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yeah I'm sorry but I really don't know what we can do anymore...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  There's a limit to the comfort we can give her. She's whining about how the nurse is talking like that to her no matter what she's doingㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ  I just don't think she's in her right mind anymore


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