Sunday, July 18, 2021


This wasn't sampling, it's literally the same

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1. [+93, -23]
The intro is freaking identical...

2. [+86, -46]
It's not only the intro part, the fact that they're repeating the same sequence too no? It's simply the same

3. [+74, -14]
I feel like the company doesn't even bother learning about these accusations so they're turning a blind eye on this. If we create a buzz with this, of course they'll need to give feedback. Let's not try to silence people who think this is plagiarism 

4. [+63, -11]
In the past, when people got into plagiarism accusations, they would always get experts to analyze it. It has happened in the past that although commoners claim that this is similar, experts would say that the chords are in fact different enough that it can't be considered plagiarism. I listened to the link provided and I do believe that it's similar enough that they need to give a feedback about it, but I'm not gonna swear at them yet. I'm just a commoner who learned about Bangtan recently but I saw a lot of people in the comments swearing at Bangtan already. I don't think we should belittle what they've achieved just because of this

5. [+40, -8]
I'm really not an Army but I bet all the kids who are feeling inferior towards Bangtan are so excited to hear about this. You guys are so low. 

6. [+33, -9]
The intro is indeed similar, but the rest is quite different


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