Tuesday, March 22, 2016


SKtelecom modeling + debut preparations
(t/n: for scale, SK telecom is the largest telecommunications company in Korea)

source: here

1. he's really handsome..

2. wow.. that's gonna be the advertisement of his life... that scale is amazing

3. wow.. He's still a trainee??? And get's a sponsor on top of that? Wow but he's really handsome...

4. the pictures doesn't do him justice, he's way better looking than this

5. hul he's already advertising for telecommunications company...

6. he's handsome, but his talents will be the thing that determines if I'll be following him

7. telecommunication advertising... wow daebak

8. isn't it the guy with problematic past in the Rookies?

9. his past was problematic but didn't he apologized on their showcase? I'm not sure what the people involved feel about this, but it seems like he'll show better actions from now on

10. wow that's such a big push... We can't do anything about his past, I hope he'll show us some good actions from now


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