Friday, May 27, 2016


Ever since last August, after Fear was starting to sell the song was on Mnet's weekly and monthly charts' upper positions.
Song Mino even won over Bobby in terms of sells by out-beating YGGR (Bobby's most famous SMTM song)

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Even though he cheap shot by putting Taeyang in his song and it became controversial, you can't argue that 'Fear' was a legendary stage
 >BlackNut is an ilbe, of course people hated him...
 >I don't know any of BlackNut's songs, but I can still remember Fear and Okey Dokey's lyricsㅋ
 >Taeyang's Fear feat. Song Mino
 >I liked Fear too, but I prefered BlackNut's song
 >Vocal-wise: Taeyang >>> Jessi, Rap-wise: BlackNut>>>Song Mino, agree?
 >By the way, the song was produced by Zico

2. [+1825, -45]
Father!!! (t/n: Fear lyrics) Best part

3. [+1721, -69]
Fear is seriously his life's masterpiece

4. [+1474, -78]
YG are seriously the gangsters of digital charts..

5. [+1314, -80]
Fear jjang! Song Mino jjang!

6. [+480, -11]
"I only crazily dug one well, but I was afraid that I could become my own grave, Father!!!"

7. [+429, -11]
Fear's lyrics are the truth

8. [+423, -10]
Fear was such a big hit, the song is nice and the lyrics are good too

9. [+392, -11]
Fear is Song Mino's lifetime song alright

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