Sunday, August 14, 2016


Basically YG asked fans to sing in a choir to win the chance to participate in Sechskies' concert. Obviously, it backfired because fans are arguing that it would be unfair and that some trainees/YG insiders will get the spot over them. The whole contest was supposed to be video audition based, but not only do the fans win free tickets, but also many other special treatment like meeting with the group, receiving goods, etc.
Right now, the fans are trending "Sechskies_Choir_Re-evaluation"

tldr: Inner circles are pissed because Mino will be featuring in iKON's concert while there's nothing much happening to Winner right now. There's still X,I,T missing in the EXIT project and the fans don't want to get into a fight with the iKONICs regarding the ticketing of iKON's concert, because they would be promoting another group in their fandom and they see it as if YG is using them

The fans are now trending: "Not_guest_but_WINNER"

On the other side, iKONICs are also pissed because Mino is featuring in their artists' concert. They don't see that it's necessary to promote another artist, even though it's an unit, it's still in their artists' one man concert. Also, since it's a one man concert, they don't want to see other fandoms stealing their seats.

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1. Ah YG... They have good artists, their songs are good, their personalities are also good, but why can't he do his work properly... If you're raising them to debut with so much care, can't you just give them a proper debut!!! Hyumsuk's jewelry box is too much

2. As expected from YG, always doing stuff like sh*t

3. I seriously don't understand why they don't want any guests in their concert, normally even though it's a one man show, there's always at least one or two guests no?
 > But it's as if he's scheduling Bobby and Mino's unit debut on their concert? If you understand what I mean, you'll be able to sympathize with us...

4. Seriously, this is expected from YG, they're so hopeless that there's no hope anymore

5. Seriously they're the worst company out there...I feel so bad for the artists working there...

6. Can you be this oblivious about the fans' thoughts?

7. Seriously I really want to see SongBob's unit in Korea instead... Why does he always releases stuff in Japan? The fanmeetings are all in Japan, their birthday parties too, and now their concerts are also done in Japan. They went as far as releasing an unit there...There's not a single Korean comeback and they've only been touring in Japan... I'm seriously amazed that he can even think of a plan like this

8. Mino belongs to Winner, but instead he's going on a tour with another group to release his song...Imagine the iKONICs seeing Winner's light stick in their concert, they'll feel so angry

9. Hyungsuk ssi, why are you like this

10. Yah I hope they fail seriously


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