Friday, September 2, 2016


"What to do.. It's so delicious"
Wrote "How" instead of "What to do"
어떡해 (ㅇ) 어떻게 (x)

"I will be going now.. Next time don't be like this"
Will be going = 갈께(ㅇ) 갈게 (x)
don't be like this = 안되겠다(ㅇ) 안돼갰다(x)

"I went on someone's IG and wrote a comment for fun, I won't do something like that in the future.."
Again 안되겠군요(ㅇ) 안돼갰군요(x)

He caused some controversy with those spelling mistakes before but
more recently

Fan: "I'm going to report you. File a marriage report..."
Sehun: You can't
He made the same mistake with "안되다"again during the fanmeeting
아돼요(ㅇ) 안되요(x)

t/n: For those wondering if it's a common mistake, Korean verb tense is one of the first rule you learn in school and there are 3 ways to conjugate for the rule in present tense depending on the verb (Of course with some exceptions to the rule but  안되다 is not an exception). To make a mistake like that is equivalent to not being able to write "I am" with the verb "To be", if it makes any sense :p Korean verbs don't differentiate between pronouns so the verb form stays the same for "I, you, he, we, you (plural) and they" an English equivalent would be the verb "to eat"

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1. I was going to say that it was in the past, but he should've at least learned the rule by now! It's kinda embarrassing to misspell something so basic..!

2. Wow.. Please fix your spelling fast!

3. Ha I could still bare with the "How" and "What to do" but I can't hold it in anymore... Sehun-ah

4. Yeah he always makes the same mistakeㅠㅠㅠ I just wished he could learn how to write from now on. I'll work hard on my studies too 8ㅅ8

5. It's not something to make a big criticism of, but isn't it good to be Korean and write in Korean correctly at least? Those kinds of mistakes about fundamental basic stuffs like those are the most embarrassing

6. I still think that misspelling something can be an important lessonㅠㅜㅠ I hope he takes the time to study a bit more now

7. How can he not differentiate between 돼 (conjugated) and 되 (not conjugated)

8. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ My head hurts... How can he make a mistake like this.. I'm dumbfounded

9. Sehun-ah please fix your spelling. ..

10. Those kind of stuff should embarrass him more..


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