Friday, September 2, 2016


It's in one of his predebut songs:
All of them are DDD, Just your obvious/cliche hook songs like Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
(t/n: He's dissing other rappers for being cliche)

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1.Hmm... To be honest, if I was a SNSD fan, I wouldn't feel too good about this. It's also possible that he's not trying to diss SNSD either. Hip hop songs are all about showing oneself off with their lyrics right. Personally I don't think that expressing something in rap is the same as expressing something into actions. I don't take it as some assault or anything..But since he later debuted, I think that those lyrics can become potentially controversial at some point, he should've been more careful if he was going to debut after them!!Of course, I like both Rapmon and SNSD, Gee is a good song!!

2. I was not feeling really good after reading this. People can disagree whether it's a hook song or not, but he really had to put it out there like this..? Anyways he was young but it can potentially become a controversy

3. This is true???? For real??? It's not fabricated??

4. I don't think that he's dissing SNSD, but just saying that their songs are hook songs...?I think he's rather praising them since hook songs are always the most popular and trendy ones

5. Hul.. It's quite controversial

6. It's the first time I'm seeing people requesting a feedback for a hip hop song... I don't think he needs to give any feedback

7. If I was an SNSD fan I wouldn't feel good about it... calling their bias songs cliche..

8. But I like cliche hook songs.. They're my type

9. So Bangtan songs aren't hook songs...? Not even run?


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