Thursday, September 8, 2016


They're nominations
Drama top10
1. Nine
2. Reply1997
3. Dear my friends
4. Oh Haeyoung again
5. Oh my ghostess
6. Let's eat 2
7. Misaeng
8. Reply 1994
9. Signal
10. Reply 1988

Variety shows

1. 3 meals a day
2. Journey to the west
3. Grandpas over flowers
4. SNL korea
5. Youth over flowers
6. The genius
7. Roller coaster
8. 3 meals a day fishing village
9. Problematic men
10. House cook master Baek

1. Jo Jinwoong
2. Kim Hyesoo
3. Lee Jehoon
4. Seo Hyujin
5. Sung Dongil
6. Ra Miran
7. Yoon Dujun
8. Park Bogum
9. Ryu Junyeol
10. Eric

Gagmen/variety people
1. Jung Sangpyo
2. Kang Hodong
3. Son Hojun
4. Shin Dongyeop
5. Cha Seungwon
6. Keon Hyuksoo
7. Yoo Haejin
8. Jung Hyundong
9. Kim Seulgi
10. Eun Jiwon

Best kiss scenes
1. I need romance 2012. Lee Jinwook and Jung Yoomi
2. Reply 1997. Seo Inguk and Jung Eunji
3. Reply 1988. Ahn Jaehong and Lee Minji
4. Oh Haeyoung again. Eric and Seo Hyunjin
5. High school king of Savvy. Seo Inguk and Lee Hana
6. Oh my ghostess. Jo Jungsuk and PArk Boyoung
7. Reply 1994. Jungwoo and Go Ara
8. Reply 1988. Park Bogum and Hyeri
9. Oh Haeyoung again. Ye Jiwon and Kim Jiseok
10. Let's eat 2. Yoon Dojun and Seo Hyunjin

Best chemistry
1. Oh Haeyoung again. Lee Hanwee and Kim Mikyung
2. Journey to the west. Ahn Jaehyun and Eun Jiwon
3. Misaeng. Lee Sungmin, Im Siwan and Kim Daemyung.
4. 3 meals a day. Nah Youngseok and Lee Seojin
5. Reply 1988. Ahn Jaehong and Ryu Joonyeol
6. 3 meals a day. Sanchae and Byeolie
7. 3 meals a day. Cha Seungwon and Yoo Haejin
8. Reply 1997. Seo Inguk and Hoya
9. Reply 1988. Ra Miran, Lee Injwa and Kim Seonyoung
10. Signal. Lee Jehoon and Jo Jinwoong

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1. The Geniusㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Please let The Genius win an award

2. Wow these are all unique in their genres.. They're all good programs

3. To the programs to the actors, they're all distinct in their own way ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ..For me it would be Nine (Drama) 3 meals a day (Variety) Jo Jinwoong (actors) Cha Seungwon (variety people) Reply 1997 (best kiss) and Cha Seungwon, Yoo Haejin (best chemistry)

4. I wish Signal or Reply received an award

5. Personally the kiss between Jung Woo and Go Ara in Reply94 was the best... I played the same scene over 15 times

6. Why isn't our Eunji mentioned in the actors sectionㅠㅠㅠ TvNㅠㅠㅠ She was the main in Reply's first season

7. They're seriously all uniqueㅜㅠㅠ I'm rooting for signal

8. I'm voting for Park Bogum...

9. The best kiss was from 1994.

10. Hul how am I going to pick... Seo Inguk must win an awardㅋㅋ


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