Thursday, September 8, 2016


Age: 24

I'm nearly 24 years old and lately I'm starting to feel like I'm living a double life. I work in a Government Department as a Graduate Lawyer. I'm pretty sure all my colleagues would describe me as polite, professional and a little shy. Everyone is always asking me why I have never had a boyfriend because I'm "such a nice girl". But as soon as I walk out of the work place... I have the maturity of a five year old. My voice goes up a few pitches and am the super loud and extroverted person I am. When one of my friends came and worked at the legal unit she was in a state of shock for several weeks at the difference in personality. My parents constantly wonder how I even function at work. All I seem to do at home is fangirl and can't even boil pasta without something going wrong. Heck I'm 24 and have Korean boy bands all over my walls and plushies everywhere .... I think this is a recipe for being forever alone with my computer.

(T/N: kinda the same story-ish)
Age: 20

I usually (always) have this straight face whenever I'm at home. Then I will change to have a bright personality when I'm at school or meeting with new people. I will say that everything is always fine then will always smile, but then at the back of my head, I was cursing this person. AHHH! This is annoying. I'm annoying. I think I'll be a good actress.

Oh! I'm 20 by the way. And I'm at my senior year in college


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