Thursday, September 8, 2016


Hi PC-tizens, it's been a while since we've talked to you
Hope everyone's doing great with school and whatnot :)

Yesterday, we made a teen stories heart fluttering post and there was a PC-tizen who suggested to open a "teen stories" for the readers!

How you can submit: 
The idea really appealed us, so we would like to try it with you guys!
You can submit your stories/rant/etc. by DM-ing us on

What you can write:
The idea is to have our own little PANN area so you can talk about ANYTHING ranging from kpop/k-dramas/love stories/school struggles/self-esteem/self-image/jpop/etc.
The possibilities are infinite ^^
and of course, the sender will be anonymous

How it'll work:
Since we're just starting right now, we'll have to see how many posts are sent to us,
so for a starter, we'll begin with one post every week and if the posts become more numerous, maybe we'll be switching to twice a week or once everyday! :D
We will pick randomly or based on interest!

What to include:
When you send in your request you can attach it with a picture or else, we'll find a picture for you~
Please include your age!


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