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Seems like ever since Twice debuted, they had a huge reorganization.
Before Twice's debut, when JYP was in its dark ages, Ok Taecyeon already pointed out something about the way JYP was organized
After that, it feels like JYP really made some big changes.
Here is what I noticed that changed about JYP:

1. Positive response to people's feedback

At first, Twice's album cover wasn't the cover that we know today. The fans requested for a change, but it was already out on digital websites. Yet, they still decided to change the album cover
Shy shy shy's choreography was also not the way it was at first and they changed the middle part because the fans requested

2. Short vacuum periods

JYP used to be so bad at giving fan services and fan goods before, but they definitely listened to the feedback and now they're making members have their V app, and their singers are constantly releasing albums.
Day6 even releases a new album every month. And Likey's repackage is on its way after their Japanese album.

3. They're supporting and training their people to do music

I was so shocked when I watched Stray Kids, because they would release a mixtape every 2 weeks even though they're still trainees. They're revealing all their trainees and even make them do concerts and support them going for the hip hop scene now.
There are lots of idols who compose and produce now, but to be a musician, you need to know how to arrange too. But when you look at Stray kids, there's Bang Chan who's able to do all that. Seriously there aren't many idols who can arrange their own music out there.
There are also lots of trainees from JYP who are able to produce and create their own choreos like Lee Daehwi, Chungha, etc.
Before, JYP used to hire other choreographers and producers, but now, you have Bang Chan who's able to produce songs and he even sings well.

Even for members who have still a lot to improve are being promoted a lot

They're still a bit lacky when it comes to promoting and media playing, but they've already improved a lot

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ㅇㅇ |2017.11.27 18:48 신고하기
When Twice came back this time, it overlapped with Kim Joohyuk's death and there were antis pretending to be fans and started joking with it, because of that, Twice fans had such a bad label on them. I was so shocked reading those articles trying to portray them as a brainless fandom, it made me realize how far people want to go to ruin their image

ㅇㅇㅇ |2017.11.27 18:23 신고하기
Twice are seriously on a roll.. Seriously it feels like they're being worked like dogs.. In 2 years, they released 7 albums, does it even make sense... It feels like they're gushing out everything they have.. At this rate, their digital scores will start dropping more and more rapidly,,Of course, because their physical sales and Youtube views are still strong, they're still fine, but if they start dropping off the digital charts, their physical sales will slowly start to drop too. I feel like if they space out their releases and calm down a bit, they'd do better... I feel like they're rubbing their image too much

ㅇㅇ |2017.11.27 21:10 신고하기
It's not only because of Twice, but JYP's female idols are really good workers. The company has no media play power at all, and it's so frustrating, but since they do their job well, they're still successful even without the media play. There are so many companies who just don't take care of their female idols... My biases are being taken care of so I'm happy, but I just wish they changed her cordi........ㅜㅜ

ㅇㅇ |2017.11.27 18:21 신고하기
They're kinda luxurious, but stupid and kind...that's why their groups are popular..


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