Sunday, January 21, 2018


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Just wondering since I have some funny experiences in concerts lol I would tell you mine first 1. I was asked to baby-sit kids during a concert I wont tell what concert it is, since the group is getting quite a lot of hate these days. Anyway it was one of the oldest groups concert, I was a freshman in university at that time. I was chatting with some other fans while we were in the line. We were talking about our occupation and how long have we known kpop, and the moment I mentioned that I'm a university student, this middle-aged woman with fancy clothes suddenly pulled me from the side. I was surprised and was ready to fight for my life lol she asked me in serious note "How old are you? What university are you in?" I was bewildered but those questions are harmless so I just told her, then suddenly she pulled two other girls from the line and then she asked me to take care of her young daughters lmao they were still in middle school and the mother asked me to keep them safe, that she trusted me since I'm a student from my university (wtf lol). I dont know how but even their seats were actually right beside me I dont know what kind of fate it was. Anyway I ended up being their baby-sitter for the rest of the concert, THEY COULDNT STOP CRYING OH MY GOD I had to comfort them and such, and the moment it ended I had to take their photos etc and they were doing bbuing bbuing poses I almost threw the phone at them. I held them by their hands when were going out of the venue and thanks to their mother's fancy blink blink clothes I could find her easily. She just said thanks and literally dragged the girls to the car and left me just like that -_- 2. Tall and Short People in Standing Area This was on BTS Concert lol so I attended it with some friends, I'm considered as tall in my country, 170-ish cm. We got into the standing area, I wasnt really fond of standing area because how wild it could be there, but we only got that ticket so... anyway, my friends are around 160ish? So, we got a quite nice standing position with nice view, we didnt move at all until this one tall big built man picked up his daughter and put her on his shoulder to see BTS. Like... HELLO?? So we moved, we found a nice position again, it wasnt that hard for me anyway, but I had to help my friends up for quite a lot of times (They took turns -_-). Then I heard some people grumbling, saying something like "F*ck all these tall people, f*ck everyone who wear their high heels", I knew they were talking about me hoho so I just looked back and these women immediately fleed. Ha. But then right after I heard my friend said "Aah I'm not tall enough, why am I so short", and suddenly I heard a woman saying something like "HEH YOU'RE STILL TALLER THAN ME YOU UNGRATEFUL HUMAN" I was confused, I could hear her voice but I couldnt see her. I heard my friend said "Sorry!!! I didnt mean to offend you!!" I looked at her and there was this very short lady in front of us who were mad at my friend. I literally had to look down to realize she was standing in front of me, the top of her head barely reached my chest, and she was already wearing high heels. She looked at me from up and down then scoffed at me before fleeing. What did I do wrong??? 😂😂😂 The next funny thing that happened was I met eye to eye with another girl, we both looked up and down to each other, realizing we both have the same height, we smiled at each other and said "Ayyyyyyy" then we looked away as if nothing happened 😂😂😂 but I dont want to be in standing area ever again 😂😂

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