Wednesday, February 7, 2018


It's GOT7's Jackson

He mentioned about being envious of Wanna One's popularity (the kid with light hair was a JYP trainee)

He appeared on Produce 101 China

That kid is the current #1

After watching Produce 101 China, I started realizing how handsome Jackson is

In the past

Jackson: Suzy-yah you came?
- She broke my heart

"Suzy was like "Oppa I came!" and I went "Suzy-yah hi~""

He became sulky because Suzy discriminated against him

They're the same age

He's so handsome, but he's lowkey handsome

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1. Seunie is really handsome

2. I'm a muggle, but he's the one top in terms of idols for me

3. I acknowledge that our Seunie is handsomeㅠㅠ  His visuals are buried under his variety skillsㅠㅠ 

4. He's not just lowkey handsome, he's really handsome.... I want to see him in real life... His personalities look so good on variety shows and he's also super funny, he's one person I really wish would do well in the future!!

5. It's funny because he's awkward at speaking in Korean, but when he's serious, he looks very cool. And his voice's baritone is the most important

6. His visuals are one thing, but his mindset is so.... I wished he could be my boyfriend... He's kind and laughs a lot, he's a human but I wonder if he's just a babo? ㅠㅠㅠ

7. Just  a casual photo taken on a phone at their concert

8. When he debuted he kept saying how big his head was so he always wears a hat, but when I saw him in real life, I wanted to swear at him....His h...h...head?? B...big?? Where? Yah...You have the smallest head in this world...

9. He's handsome, especially when he has black hair, he's the most handsome

10. When he appeared on Radio Star he looked quite handsome!!


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