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T/N: we'll paraphrase them


What the journalist means by "text" are what were their supposed conversation as claimed by netizens.

Basically, the article says that the members' conversations (the text) were spread on various SNS but the issue is that there are a lot of differing opinions about what was actually said. There is a mix of what was clearly heard and what was subjective.

Even though this controversy spewed out from a "live" video, the audio was unclear and it was difficult to identify who was speaking, and there is no actual "proof" since it's all in text form. The fans are saying "there are rumors about things that they never said", "you don't even hear what was actually problematic in the actual video", "we want to see what was actually said".

YMC's side has made a deep apology regarding the controversy and is asking fans to continue to love and support Wanna One.

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1. [+6,387, -194]
If they are spreading things that Wanna One haven't said, then they should be sued. Get in your right minds and do your work YMC!

2. [+6,196, -150]
They are getting bashed for things that they haven't even said but meanwhile, I don't even know what their company was doing. Isn't protecting your artists from false accusations the most important thing for a company? So frustrating.

3. [+6,095, -192]
The video was totally different, who fabricated all this?ㅡㅡ talk only if you watched the video

4. [+5,934, -151]
The true fans are also worried about things like sasaengs, crazy schedules and the likes. That's just a normal thing to do. If you watched the video properly, there was no big deal

5. [+5,882, -135]
Nobody knows the truth but the people gathering together to curse at them were too much! I hope that they tighten the control over people who start rumors!!


원본 이미지

Wanna One has created a big broadcast controversy and a lot of things were left open to interpretation which was the essence of the issue because people spread their interpretations as facts. The netizens interpreted what they could've misheard from the video, the incident blew up and it took scary proportions.
On the 19th they made an event with "Star live" where they could communicate live with the fans, but the live started beforehand by mistake and the members were caught in their living room. One member was caught saying "Why can't we receive our salary" and another "Why can't we sleep", etc. those careless words led to a lot of disappointment.
Of course, Wanna One's members, Star live's side as well as YMC apologized.
Wanna One felt sorry because they showed a bad side of them towards the fans leading to disappointment so they apologized for it and promised to show a matured side from now.

But this didn't cool off the controversy. The members who appeared as well as their words led to a lot of misunderstanding and false interpretations that were far-fetched. This situation needs to be straightened up and rectified as soon as possible.

There were 3 parts that were fabricated/misunderstood:
1. 미리 익혀야겠다(I need to memorize it first/I need to familiarize with it first) became 미리 욕 해야겠다 (I need to swear first)
2. 메디테이션 (Meditation) became 마스터베이션 (Masturbation)
3. 됐다 해/대답해라 (Alright/Answer) was also misinterpreted and falsely spread (t/n: alluding to the "hand job" comment)

As for the parts where they said "Why can't we get paid" "Why can't we sleep", while they were said carelessly, they are parodies of Kim Haeun's rap on High School Rapper 2 that recently became a trending topic, they were just joking around. It wasn't anything severe.

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1. [5,404, -69]
They never swore nor they belittled women. If you see what the male communities wrote about their conversations, of course you wouldn't be able to hear anything else than what was written down. If you just listen to the video without the script, you can't hear the curses. There's a woman's voice that was telling them to prepare themselves and you could hear people laughing and Wanna One playing among themselves. This is seriously such a shame.

2. [+5,047, -54]
If you don't know anything, I hope that you would stop BS-ing. Please let's just mention the truth

3. [+4,973, -48]
Attacking someone off of groundless rumors is too severe

4. [+4,785, -61]
It's true that they deserve criticism for their thoughtless behaviors and words before broadcast but spreading false rumors about them is just not right

5. [+4,684, -41]
Thank you for this clarification. I was so worried about the members because people were just making up words they said to suit their own mindsㅠㅠ


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