Tuesday, March 27, 2018

[PC stories/twenties stories] HOW TO DEAL WITH A PERSISTENT GUY?

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I'm a woman in early 20s who never dated in my whole life. But last year my best friend introduced me to this guy who's her childhood friend, she said he's been stalking my instagram and facebook not knowing that I'm friends with her. After I uploaded our photo together, he immediately asked my best friend to introduce him to me. She keeps telling me even now that he's a good guy and such, but honestly after a year chatting with him, I'm starting to feel weird about him. Our first chat was through instagram and it was awkward, he kept shoving me animes, mangas, most of them are ecchi or hentai too. I'm a fan of anime and manga but those two things are not my thing tbh. Maybe because I responded poorly he changed the subject to cats. He kept sending me photos of his cats or anyone's cats, since he knew I'm a cat person. Only then our conversaion going better. But still, we never met in real life. I asked him to meet up in a mall together with some friends twice but he refused, saying he was busy and other stuffs though from his IG update and stories I knew he was on a short vacation. I started to doubt whether he really likes me or not, I was ready to open up more on him, but when I tried to make a move first he just dodged it. I was disappointed, I even tried to initiate conversations but nothing worked. So I just left it at that, we didnt talk for 2 months after that. BUT. It was two weeks ago, I saw his update about his holiday and I asked him how are you and other stuffs. Our conversation started nicely, we talked about our holiday and what to do with the next semester (we're studying in different uni but the same year), but somehow it lead to him wanting to come to my house? Well I live alone, so I told him no, that if we want to meet up we can do it in a mall or cafe, not my house, I didnt mention that I live alone. This conversation happened at around 10 PM, no way I would let a guy who I never met to come to my house at that hour. He kept saying he would come "now", I tried to change the subject but then he said he had known my address from my best friend. I was surprised when I knew that. He kept pushing that he wanted to come and he would bring other girl that he knew if I was too scared. At this moment I was alarmed, tbh. Anyway in the end I lied that I was not at home, that I was on my way to my friend's studio to study. Then he joked that he would still come any other day since he knew my address. I was mad at my best friend but she never replied my messages since then though she read them. I'm worried if he really comes, he even mentioned my full address. The last time he messaged me he said he wanted to spend a night at my house. Tbh that sounds creepy. I tried to change the subject but no matter what our conversation would end in that topic. I have never interacted this much with a guy, actually, so I don't really know how to deal with this situation. Any advice? I didn't tell my parents and just told my close classmates about this and since then my female classmates have taken turns to sleep over on weekend just in case. I couldn't find my best friend in the university either. I have no experience dealing with guys, moreover this kind of a guy.

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