Tuesday, March 27, 2018


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I meet during my last year of university a boy who later become my boyfriend (now ex) and he worked under SM ent. He usually was in their training center watching auditions and also talking directly with trainees. Before dating him, as a kpop fan I used to think that SM was really bad and always picked bullies to be part of the "selected" *cof* over 400 *cof* trainees. One day I invited my boyfriend to eat with me since it was my birthday and my parents were in Australia due my oppa's wedding (I just started working so I was unable to attend) and we chatted about a lot of things, somehow I asked him how was SM with their trainees and stuff and was really hesitant of talking about his job but he ended up telling me very superficial things, no tea will be spill: 1.When there is a possible announcement of SM launching a group people tends to get extremely aggressive and competitive, girls specially. 2. Charisma and talent are all, but hard work is even more important. Boys/girls who spent nights without sleep to learn a cHoreo or how to properly sing are mostly like to be picked for their groups. Fun fact, almost all nct kids are selected under this criteria. 3. Stress and depression are really common between trainees. My boyfriend told me girls specially tend to cut themselves or dont eat during weeks due stress, some of them even having serious hormonal issues. 4."Sunbae always brought us chicken" That kind of phrases are normal, but that only happens when trainees sign their artist contract. Unless they trained with other kids who debuted before and have a friendship, otherwise that's impossible. After that he told me other things, but I can't remember. Most of them were related to SMrookies, but nothing life changing. SM ent really is amazing(?), but also you need to be extremely strong (mental) and be sure to work harder, stand out and be confident . I often read kids trying to be an idol thinking everything is easy but no kids, is an extremely painful and hardworking journey, but if you think you can do it... Fighting!!!

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