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Ok so I read someone said it was unfair and wanted to know more about that house, I'll share a little bit and left out some details on purpose. 1. First of all I'm from SEA, so just imagine what kind of things that my family experienced.
2. One of the real thing that I talked about, so I heard my mom's voice calling me through one of the room when I just woke up, she asked me to bring something, when I was about to get up I heard my mom's voice through the other rooms. I just said "Mom?" And the first one answered "Yea? Bring it quick!", but my instinct told me to check the second one first, and there I saw my mother with some guests, I opened the other room's door and found it empty.
3. The curtains would be closed by itself at 6 PM.
4. One night something banging on my parents' room, my father locked it just in time before the handle started to move. We cant sleep a wink (except my mom, she was already sleeping when it happened) because somehow we knew that thing was still in front of the door, it shook sometimes.
5. The plates on the racks moved by itself at night.
6. It visited me again and again at my dreams, but I didnt tell my parents, last time it pressed its hand on my forehead and held me on the bed, it was still laughing but I told it to shut up and I asked it whats so funny about me, after that it stopped laughing and I woke up with pains on my head.
7. My brother visited us (finally) and he said "it" was watching him from my room's window when he arrived. My brother then saw a child peeking through the curtains of other rooms.
8. I got bruises when I woke up.
9. I dreamed I met... err lets just say a couple of wild animals but they spoke and told me I would be safe but they couldnt guarantee my family's safety.
10. Foods spoiled fast though they were on the fridge.
11. Dirty water.
12. I was upset one time and I just went to my room and said "Can you please give us a break? I'm not in the mood to play with you." The curtains moved by itself but that day nothing else happened.
13. A neighbor called my father and told him a girl with white long shirt was standing in front of the garage all night, haha we all know its not a "girl"
14. The garage stinked like crazy the day after that.
15. My brother left first, and this one is a little bit crazy. He took a cab and when he arrived at the airport the driver asked him where did the girl go. The driver told him when he picked him up and girl with white shirt and long hair also entered his cab. That "girl" followed my brother all the way to his house at the other city, like my bro literally saw her in his room. But well she went back days later, she was seen standing again in the garage. Maybe she liked my brother idk I mean it was his visual peak at that time so I teased him about it til this day.
16. Before I went back to school I went to my room and said "I'll go now, please can we just live here together peacefully? Well at least for my parents? I feel like you just want to play by scaring us but its just not right you know? Sorry if I ever offended you. Bye." The curtains moved again. Ok I'll stop it right there. Anyway after I left of course there was still happenings but it decreased. Until... I heard the new owner of the house was.... well, one of the daughter got possessed terribly... her bedroom was my bedroom and she painted in pink with characters stickers, maybe it got mad, idk. I heard it already changed owner again. I mean it was years ago. I still wonder who and what it is, and why is it there. One thing though, there were many stray cats in my neighborhood, but none of them ever came to that house (I love cats so I just noticed this).

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