Monday, May 21, 2018


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Well, it's been a few times that I like a guy just by chatting with them through an online messenger app. Sometimes I feel like it's a stupid thing to like someone you barely even meet. Almost every time I feel comfortable to chat with a guy, I feel that I have a crush with the guy (of course the first impression from their photos leads me to take an interest to them). But from all of the guys I liked, I only dated one (we live in the same city and actually he was a senior in my uni. So we met in a real life). Most of them had no interest in me. lol And this time, it's happening again to me. We've been an online friend for about 16 months. We know each other quite well. We also like to share our daily activities, problems, and our love life. I can tell that he is one of my best friends. :) But then,things changed. I started to develop my feelings towards him in this past 2-3 months, even tho I haven't met him yet. He knows that I like him. Sometimes he teases me about that. Like if I talk about a guy, he will guess that it's about him. Or he asked me straightforwardly to hook him up. lol And he also said that he has an interest in me, he likes me, but then he added 'you are a good person'. lol But one time, he said to me (in a serious way) that he likes me and he concerns about a few things (like marriage and different cultures of romance). It makes me confused actually. Does he mean that he likes me as a human being just because i'm a good person? Or does he actually sincerely likes me as girl just because he meant it? As I'm confused about it, recently we rarely talk to each other. I asked him why, and he said that he is too busy lately. It makes me afraid actually. Like what if he makes a distance with me because he knows that I like him? But everytime I ask about it, he will say "Don't worry (as if he won't make a distance with me). I'm just really busy." So, I made a decision to tell him about my worry and I feel that I must stop my feelings too. Just going back to our normal friendship without any romantic feelings. :) And yeah, he told me again that he is really busy, has some problems. He also said that he feels sorry that he couldn't care about me much lately and he likes me, he knows that i'm a good person. lol What does he want actually? Does he only say it to protect our friendship? Or does he only say it just to keep me around because of having a crush on him? And what should I do? *I couldn't tell about this to some of my friends, because they think that it's stupid to have a crush with someone you haven't met in real life. So I need your advices* *if it's possible, we will meet in real this year* *sorry for a long post and bad english*

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