Monday, May 21, 2018


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So I'm a fan of GOT7 and today a group picture for their upcoming comeback has been released (*internal screams*). If you're curious to know what they look like, look it up on Twitter, it's the group picture with a yellow background. I decided to show my mom this picture and let her decide which guy she thinks would be nice for me and what she thought of everyone haha. I thought it'd be fun to share it with you! Also, please don't hate on my mom! She still supports my Kpop obsession :) So here's what she said. - Yugyeom: (Pointing at him) "Is that a girl?" (Me: -_-) - Mark: "I don't like him. He has blonde hair." - Bambam: "This guy seems nice and cute." (Me: If she knew...) - Jinyoung: "This guy seems like a good guy too." (She chose him and Bambam) - Jackson: "This guy looks like he'd be too much to handle." - Youngjae: "I don't know about him. He's okay." - JB: " Oh no this guy is dangerous." LMAO what's funny was that I accidentally flipped the picture to the picture before on my gallery which was the legendary picture of Jb at his fan meeting, looking at the camera in an "angry" but very hot way. I hope I could show it. If someone knows what I'm talking about, could they show it in the comments? Anyways, as soon as she saw that pic, she was "Oh no no no! This guy is definitely dangerous" HAHAHA it was hilarious. Anyways, do you guys also have fun episode with your family members and Kpop? Share them!

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