Thursday, June 21, 2018


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To describe my situation, I'm currently single and attend a small college in New York City. Now, you guys might think that it's not that hard to find someone interesting in such a lively area, but after almost a whole school year here, I have concluded that my campus isn't the place. The ratio is about 70% girls and 30% guys, and we don't have that many social clubs like Greek Life where you can meet a handful of people at every party. I've accepted the fact that I wouldn't really be able to date/hookup with anyone from my school because it's just so small! So I've been thinking about getting to meet people around the area through dating apps! I'm not really interested in hookups/fwb since I feel like I'm ready to look for a more committed relationship, but I haven't heard any success stories from people using these apps to find a significant other except from one of my older friends who has been dating her Tinder match for a year. Have you guys found or know of people who have gotten relationships out of dating apps before? And if so, how was the process? Will you be able to find such relationships on places like Tinder where it's usually a one time thing? Please give me some tips to help ya girl get a man off campus! Thanks! : )

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