Thursday, June 21, 2018


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I was a part of a big fandom back from 2010 to the first half of 2016, then the members of the group got into scandals, one is not even a scandal tbh but the fandom's reaction disgusted me (he got into relationship), but one of the members did a terrible mistake -again- and I was one of those who truly felt he should leave the group since he hasnt changed, at that time the big part of the fandom actually supported him, which baffled me. Anyway I was told off to leave the fandom and since I was so disgusted I just left. Its been 2 years and now I have entered other fandom, after almost 2 years stopped listening to KPOP. This group just amazed me so I decided to stan them. Anyway as I look at the merchs and albums that I have from the previous group, I realized at that span of 6 years I actually have bought SO MANY things. Tbh for the group I stan now I only bought album, I didnt even buy their concert merchs. Since I really have no feeling for that old group anymore, I dont really like seeing their stuffs in my room anymore, moreover after even more scandals the members had gotten into. Maybe the disappointment just put me off. My friend adviced me to sell them with low price since they are old stuffs, I also got advice to do a give away or sell them online as second-handed stuffs. Moreover because I'm still looking for fixed job after uni, I think selling them is a good idea. One more advice is I should wait until the group disbanded so it would be an expensive rare-item lol because there are collectors out there who will buy it no matter what. Anyway if you guys ever changed fandom, what will you do to your old stuffs?

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