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Age: 17

Hi everyone! I want to share my story, though I'm not quite sure if this will be posted.

I used to have someone like a boyfriend, but we never dated officially in middle school.
We dated back then in 2014 all the way to 2016, until we broke up.
At first, his sister doesn't approve of him getting a girlfriend, and she always checks his phone for our messages, and she would always tell on his parents about it.
But, amidst it all, he doesn't let me go, even though we actually had a lot fights because of it.

Later on, in 2016, I travelled to Korea.
At that time we were not messaging on an app, but we emailed each other so that we won't get caught.
But later on, he confessed at the end of my trip that he got caught by his sister.
So then a few weeks forward, he has a camp to attend and on the messaging app, he says his goodbyes and told me not to respond.
But I forgot about that warning and I told him goodbye too.

Long story short, he got caught again and he finally asked me to break up.
I don't know the details, but it seems his sister pressured him to do so.
But he literally broke up with me in the worst way possible. He said that he never loved me, and he wants some other girl that is accepting of his conditions (I won't tell details of these conditions) and he told me to forget him.
I obviously cried a lot, and a few times throughout the year I asked him if we could go back together (which is so stupid of myself) but he doesn't want me back.
Later on I heard from his friends that he still love me.

Fast forward to this year, in high school, I don't know if I could say that I still love him, but I think part of the reason I still think about him is because I still see him from time to time (we are the same age and grade but he is in a different class, but his class is located right next to my class) he seriously changed a lot, and on white day, he gave a gift on this new girl in my class.
Which is ironic, given that he never took the initiative to give me a gift when we dated.
But I don't shed tears because of it, and I just feel somehow empty? But sometimes I got bothered because it is awkward to see that situation.

I know that he is not entitled to be mine in any way, but it is quite ironic when after our breakup he would told his friend, that he doesn't want to date again, because he's afraid to broke another.
I just want his apology on his hurtful words, because due to the it I lost a lot of my confidence, a dark time for my self-beauty and identity issues. Instead I've always apologized to him for my actions that may hurt him, but he never apologize back.

I just want his apology, is it too much?

But then again, it's not like I am so desperate for it, but it's like, I want a nice closure on our relationship. That's all, and I'm really sorry if this took too long to read! Thankyou💞

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