Sunday, July 22, 2018


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1. [+1,282, -304]
The drama's fun~

2. [+1,181, -492]
If this drama was indeed fun, the comments wouldn't be like that. I've only watched up to ep. 5 but I feel like there was no main plot and that they are just stretching every episode and the episodes are just repeating themselves. The mission is about recovering the sovereign rights of the military from the Joseon era, but I feel like this is all just nonsense. How the heck can the citizens be so independent in a failing end of dynasty... this drama is literally transforming the pain and suffering from our ancestor and romanticizing it into a love story. Meanwhile, this drama isn't doing well because it's epic. It's because of those people who fangirl/fanboy over big production dramas because the cinematography looks nice. They did in fact spent 40 billion won in this so.. Let's cut down on the media play

3. [+629,-101]
Kim Ensook huh... Also the actors are all so good at acting and there's nothing else to watch so I'm just watching this drama without thinking much about it... but the slow tempo in this drama is definitely no fun ㅠ I dozed off watching this so my phone fell on my face a few times ㅋㅋ I've watched Scandal in Old Seoul some time ago and despite it being a 10 years old drama, I found that more entertaining

4. [+522, -155]
Now, let's go for 15%. The last scene when the rain was pouring down, seriously... ㅎㄷㄷ

5. [+272, -137]
A drama that costed 40 billion won with 10.8%??

6. [+153, -28]
Kim Taeri-sshi's pronunciation is good so I understand everything she says... but I don't really understand what Lee Byunghun is saying


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