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"I'm someone who works depending on what the general public thinks of me. I think that when the general public think this is right, then it's right. If they think that this is not right, then it's not. No matter how hard I work, if the general public think that I'm not doing good, then I'm not good. And even if I think I did something I felt was weird, if the public goes "As expected from Hyeri~" and praises me, I would feel like I did the right thing. That's why I end up reading a lot of journalist articles about me. Of course, I got hurt a lot and I cried a lot, but the next day, I would be alright and I would eat well and sleep well. (laughs) I just need to acknowledge the comments and move on with it"

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1. She's quite good at giving interviews?  But Hyeri should learn when to accept and when to reject what people say about her. I hope she matures even more~

2. That's something that cannot be helped. If you want to talk about your weaknesses, you need to face them and find a way to jump over them, that's how you succeed

3. But it's a fact that she can't act, why is she feeling wrongly accused?

4. With her level of acting, how dare she feel wrongly accused? She's giving me goosebumps

5. But she acknowledged it no? She said she felt wrongly accused, but in the end she acknowledged it, yet everyone is stuck on the fact she said she's wrongly accused 

6. But she already acknowledged it, you guys really don't want to read pass the "wrongly accused"??ㅋㅋ

7. "There would be some times where I think "Am I really this bad?" and feel wrongly accused, if I said I didn't, I would be lying. But with the harsh comments also come a lot of love and support. I feel like I've grown to like the general public and from those harsh comments, I also received a lot of love. That's why I have to do my share of the work too"
Her interview was so good, yet the title ......... "Felt wrongly accused"

8. Usually actors become better and better when they act, but she gets worse and worse

9. Her mentality is quite good. It's not like she felt wrongly accused and thinks she's actually a good actress, but more like she didn't know she was this bad?

10. She did a good interview, don't stay focused on the "Wrongly accused" part


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