Thursday, September 20, 2018

[thirties stories] WHERE CAN I MEET MEN IN THEIR 30’S?

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Where do people in their 30’s meet their lovers?
My workplace mainly has women and there are barely any guys here. Since I’m over 32 y.o. now, my friends don’t really set up blind dates anymore….
I’ve tried some apps but people on there just want to play with you so I end up getting hurt ㅠㅠ
I feel lonely and I feel like my mind would be more at peace if I had a boyfriend… nowadays, I just go in/out my house and work.
Where can I find a man in his 30’s? ㅠ

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앨리스 |2018.09.20 21:18 신고하기
I’m also someone who frequents PANN but please don’t ask for advice here. The people almost never give positive advice. First of all, people here have twisted minds and will treat you poorly because you’re in your 30’s so you’ll just end up getting hurt.

ㄹㄹ |2018.09.20 14:49 신고하기
If you’re 32 now, shouldn’t you give up on meeting a man? What will you do once you meet him? Just stay by yourself. It’s way more fun like that

로쿠잔 |2018.09.20 23:48 신고하기
If you stay on PANN too often, you will become negative so you should maybe cut down your time spent here. People in their teens are busy studying and attending school. People in their late twenties are all dead inside and get hit with reality. While people in their 30’s are treated as if they are no longer good anymore and are just waiting to die. It’s so depressing seeing how society thinks that in a 100-year lifetime, only your 20’s are considered your prime time.

ㅇㅇ |2018.09.20 18:28 신고하기
Why would you want to meet those Hannam bugs?? I don’t get it

ㅎㅎ |2018.09.20 18:23 신고하기
Most of the guys who are still not married by their early-mid 30’s are single because they’ve studied or worked for most of their lives. Specialized jobs require a lot of studying right…. But to be honest, these guys will just go for girls in their 20’s… even if that’s depressing, we can’t help it. Guys enter the society later than girls (T/N: because of military service). So even if they are older, they will still look for younger girls…. That’s just something we can’t do anything about… single women in their 30’s should try looking for guys in their 40’s…


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