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Hi PC-tizens!

It seems like more and more new readers have been visiting our blog lately. We wanted to make this post in order to once again clarify what PANN is and what we translate. For old readers, you have probably already read THIS post, and THIS post (towards the end) that was made some years ago (you should read this before coming to this page). We like to be as transparent with what we translate  as we can, but it seems like most people don't read our disclaimer, so let's do a quick refresher :P

PANN: branch of Nate. It's a forum, which means, posts are made by netizens like you and me, not journalists (btw we are NOT journalists, in fact, we never claimed to be journalists ;P). Think of it as a Reddit for Knets

Is it biased?
YES, it's heavily biased towards male idols. And there are clearly groups/countries that Pann netizens like and dislike, I'm sure you guys can guess who they are by yourselves :)
Note: What Pann likes =/= what we like, which directly means that what Pann hates =/= what we hate, we don't hate any groups, we don't follow KPOP 'beef" all we do is listen to the music (aside from Wanna One as you all probably know ;p)

Are WE biased?
Once again, we translate whatever is in the trending page. Either under the section "실시간 베스트" (best real time), "일간 베스트" (daily best) or "톡커들의 선택" (talker's choice) which are all trending sections on Pann. We try to focus on translating whatever is trending. We don't choose to translate positive content, we don't choose to translate negative content. We choose the trendy ones and yes, we select SOME by clicks (not all) because after all, this is what's creating the buzz.

To sum up, we don't """"cherry pick""" hate articles, if it's on our blog, it's 100% trending under one of the 3 sections above because we simply don't have the time to translate every post that there is on Pann and "cherry pick them". We're both working full time and we have a life outside of blogging, so again, it's normal that we miss a few articles here and don't translate everything (either positive or negative).

We do try to balance positive and negative when there is a constant "hate" towards X group (which would probably mean that we're biased in a way ;P).

It's a controversial topic, but only positive =/= neutral. This is the takeaway we want you guys to have!

Do we write PANN articles?

Are we "jobless"?
NO😅😅, We are in our 20's, but we have professional jobs in IT and accounting field, we have other sources of revenue aside from PC and jobs too. PC makes up a part of our revenue, but it's definitely not our biggest source of revenue. 😇😇

What do we translate?
1. PANN: audience is HEAVILY skewed towards female and teens

2. Naver: people have the general consensus that it's a place where the general public visit, but Naver is also visitied by a lot of fandoms (they could be from Pann or from other places). In fact, a lot of fandoms would try to build some clout for their bias' Naver articles through Twitter!

3. Instiz: contradictory to what most people think, Instiz is probably the most biased of all websites only because they filter comments. Only positive comments are given a pass, and negative/hate comments are all blocked by the system. There are no "negative" reactions on Instiz, though you can still find people "not liking" certain celebrities, but their comments are tamed down. We do put the number of likes on Instiz' posts but they do not mean anything, so please take it as a grain of salt. An Instiz post can have 0 likes but still be the most famous post of the day.

4. Theqoo: we asked you guys earlier last year which other website you guys wanted us to cover, and the majority chose Theqoo. Theqoo doesn't filter comments but it has a system where comment posted will be processed and posted 1 hour after it's been written.

Do we "cherry pick" comments?
For websites like Theqoo and Instiz, to a certain degree, yes. Because there are no upvote system. Other translation websites who take from these 2 sources have to pick and select comments too. Instiz' comment section refreshes by itself, whereas for Theqoo, it stacks on top of each other. (hope this is clear)

Hope this helped new readers gain more understanding on what PANN is 👶👶 Again, if some of you still think we have time to create a hate agenda towards certain groups after reading this post, and push to others your agenda about our hate agenda, we can't really help it ^^;;

Have a wonderful day wherever you are ;)

PC admins


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