Tuesday, April 16, 2019


t/n: 성폭행 = rape/sexual violence/sexual assault

On April 16, Amy posted to Instagram,
"Today, my heart hurts, and I'm in pain. I had a really good friend. A friend who I was proud of and thought was cool. Someone like a soulmate... During my investigation, I said that I was the only one who took propofol when they asked if I did it with someone else. However, they told me, 'Male celebrity A was afraid you would rat him out to the police, and he said he had sex tapes and sexual photos of you.'" She continued, "He was in the army at the time, and he would call me every morning to tell me, 'Please help me. I'm sorry. It's not like that.' He said that his celebrity career would come to an end, and he would die. He personally denied he took photos and video of sexual assault against me. There was a transcript. I thought he would contact me after his military discharge, but there wasn't any. I called him, and he responded acting like I never helped him. I stayed loyal like a fool. More than going to the detention center alone, I was more sad that I lost a precious friend. I won't forget that betrayal."


t/n: her articles are EVERYWHERE the whole day in the main page, yet, barely any reactions...This article is trending #2 on Naver ranking right now, article was posted by Sports Chosun 

original post: here

1. [+348, -20]
Police-yah investigate Seungri and Burning Sun instead

2. [+133, -3]
Ah crazy f*ckers, why are there so many fools? Just grab them all and hit them

3. [+86, -3]
Her personality was shit since the beginning, good riddance, you can sing Whistle to the church(?)

4. [+78. -3]
As expected, the majority of celebrities play that way, only the ones who are unlucky get expelledㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+22, -1]
Is it wrong~

6. [+16, 0]
Dirtier than the gutter on the ground

7. [+5, 0]
She's from the "Y" company too


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