Thursday, July 4, 2019


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When they manufacture cigarettes, they test them on animalsㅠㅠ Please tell the people around you to stop smoking. These innocent animals are always getting sacrificed. Please share this with other people

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1. [+263, -11]
I think that for medication, it can't be helped but smoking..? Everyone knows that smoking is bad but people still smoke; I hope that they stop doing experiments on animals and that they put out a warning like "we are not doing experiment so it can be dangerous~"

2. [+190, -1]
Hul this is crazy ㅠ what did these innocent animals do to deserve this?

3. [+126, -1]
Crazy.... what is this..;;

4. [+78, 0]
Criminals like Jo Doosoon and Yoo Youngchul are eating in prison with our tax money, they should be the ones getting experimented on instead.... Being a human makes them f*cking privileged

5. [+49, -3]
They've developed an artificial skin to replace animal testing which was proven to have great predictive value, but instead, people still continue to test on animals since it's cheaper and easier to be disposed of, even though the results are less predictive. They don't care if these animals die or not. They just gather animals and treat their corpses like regular garbage


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