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Ex GF: X

OP: It's true that Mark did it, but can you let me know more about it?

X: This is not it. I'm very sorry towards the fans. It wasn't even a club, even if I really met with that person, we're not friends anymore. I feel nothing but apologetic towards him for harming him. You can screenshot this if you want. I've been doing broadcast on the internet for years already and I've always lived my life using the money I make for myself so I have nothing to be ashamed of. This person is really the victim here... I'm so sorry towards his fans. I've never done anything like Lovestagram, I've never leaked any Katalks chat and I've never been associated with Burning Sun. Mark is definitely the victim here. I'm very sorry.

OP: How often did you guys meet and how did you guys end up meeting each other?

X: We haven't been seeing each other for a long time, so we just grew distant naturally. I haven't been contacting him and we're not in a relationship where we keep in touch with each other either. I'm sorry for stirring the water like that. I thought that I wasn't in position to release a clarification post over this issue, so I'm sending you DMs instead.. I'm not a BJ that strips, but I know that my job used to be embarrassing to me, that's why I am apologetic. The talks about this person giving me money or being my sponsor were all rumors. Sorry.

OP: Thank you for taking the courage to tell me

X: Right now, I'm sending Katalks with BJ Yeolmae and we have resolved our personal issues. This person's mental state is currently hurting and since we've stopped contacting each other, they don't know about my relationship with Mark. They acknowledge their faults about what they acknowledged during the broadcast. I'm very sorry towards the fans.
I'm personally dealing with legal actions right now and Mark definitely has nothing to do with the Burning Sun, and he's not even close with BJ Yeolmae either. Although BJ Yeolmae and Mark occasionally Katalk with each other and contact each other, they were never close. I'm very sorry for causing all this trouble so I apologize... BJ Yeolmae will refrain from mentioning Mark in the future on her broadcast, everything were just rumors. Because of his busy schedule, we just grew apart and I even had another boyfriend after this, but BJ Yeolmae wasn't aware of this. Once again, I apologize

X: Yes, it was really a misunderstanding. I know that I use all the money that I earned myself for my daily life, so I'm not related to that person. I understand how fans can be hurt by this. Tat's why I couldn't just expose everything in one go. I have to do with that person. Because of that, I ruined his image and I'm sorry about it. I seriously don't have anything to do with this incident. Sorry for not being able to release anything regarding this.

X: (same text as above)
I really hope that this issue gets resolved... I really don't contact this person and I've never contacted them again

Yup, so even if they met, they are strangers to each other now
So the whole vacation thing was all fake  ㅇㅇ

+ Mark didn't even know about BJ Ahyeong's job

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1. The attention seekers are even using this situation to create drama... People of this generation are too weird

2. To be honest, she's not a good person either

3. I feel bad for this woman and for Mark..

4. So in the end, he did hang out with those low-class BJs, but he's also the pitiful one because of everything that happened..

5. The fans, that woman and Mark are the biggest victims here. I'm happy she decided to reveal everything

6. This situation seriously showed how disgusting people can be and it's just sad. JYP really received a blow here

7. So Mark didn't even know what that girl did as a living... Wow he's f*cking pitiful, I want to console the fans

8. Sigh, so looking at those Katalk, Mark didn't even really date with Ahyeong;; she was simply meeting him from time to time;; they should sue BJ Yeolmae for spreading false information

9. Mark and that BJ Ahyeong are the victims of those attention seekers..
They were just dating secretively? Or they had a some and didn't even have the intention to reveal it, but instead they're the ones getting sworn at. Ah so pitiful

10. Seriously whether Mark dated her or not is just TMI at this point no? This is just pitiful to see


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