Friday, August 23, 2019


There was a boy group called ONF
(In Oh My Girl's agency)

There's a member in the group named Laun 
And he had quite a large fandom by himself too 

Anyways, what's weird about this situation is

Not long ago, he shot a web drama

And last week, he was shooting IAC

"Fuse, did you guys spend a good Monday?ㅎㅎ I woke up late today so  I felt like the day passed just like thatㅎㅎ"

This was posted 3 days ago

His teaser picture for the group comeback was also revealed

Even 1 hour before the article about him leaving got released, 
he was shooting a Vlive with another member

This is WM Entertainment.
Firstly, we wish to apologize to the many fans who love and care for ONF for bringing such unfortunate news.
While preparing for this upcoming comeback, our agency came to a final agreement with Laun for him to halt all activities in the entertainment industry due to personal reasons. As of August 23, Laun has left ONF and his contract with us has been terminated.
We want to once again apologize to fans for bringing such unfortunate news, and we will make it up to you by doing our best with the remaining members of ONF to create good music and stages through group activities.
We ask for your unchanging love and support for ONF.
Thank you."

CR. Soompi

And 1 hour later, he left the group

The company didn't give any reason but "personal reason"

So there's no official reason

People are wondering if it's really for health reasons or studies reasons
Because there's just no reason for him to quit

"What kind of situation is this?"
"Did some accident broke out? Or did they get into a big inciden? Or did he create a big accident?? Is health the excuse or school the excuse? I've never seen such a fast leave.."
"He's leaving after the new album is all done...??????!!???"

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1. [+52, -2]
No matter how you try to reason it, it just reeks something fishy. ONF's concept is "ON/OFF" so the members all have an opposite. Laun is the member that connects both, he was even updating 3 days ago and reading his tweet he was talking about preparing the comeback all together..

2. [+42, -0]
It's just weird

3. [+35, -4]
Since I'm interested in Laun, I've read all his tweets on ONF's account and watched all the videos on Youtube. And he's just not the type who would create a mess. It could just be his concept, but he really looks like an innocent kid... You can tell just by looking at a few of his videos..?? Even the hyungs of his team treat him so well... He's always smiling and hardworking.. So a kid like him suddenly quitting just feels too random 

4. [+28, -0]
Did he suddenly get married? Or he decided to become a shaman? Or a spy? There's no reason unless it's something very big for him to quit

5. [+26, -0]
Quitting 1 hour after filming a Vline... This is too weird

6. [+25, -0]
Crazy it's giving me goosebumpsㄷㄷㄷ  What's happening for real?


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