Sunday, August 25, 2019


The audio when he mentioned his sunbae's album:음성.mov?dl=0

The other member was talking and mentioned the sunbae's album
Jaemin: Baekhyun hyung released his solo album recently right

Jisung: I listened to the entire album 

Jaemin: Ah I've been listening to it lately, but it's not that great

Fans: Huh? Huuuh~*rumble rumble* Huh~~~???

Haechan: Ok everyone look here!! Ok let's do it again

Jaemin: Ah it's good!! It's good! I put it in my playlist and I've been listening to it

Renjun: That's right, there's other separate songs that he likes too 

Haechan: What to do.. I can't shield that

Jaemin: It's true I have a separate song that I like

Rendun: Aren't they all good

Jaemin: I listen to the ones I like

Renjun: That's right that's right

Haechan: Which song? Which song do you like the most?

??: But it's so so 

Jaemin: No..

Members: Wow yah yah yah yah wow wow wow wow

Haechan: You're really getting into trouble? You're getting into trouble

Jaemin: Anyways, I've been listening to Baekhyun's songs a lot lately

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2. He did say that he listened to his songs everyday and he just kept the songs that he really liked, so what's the big fuss? It's not like Baekhyun talks carefully either

3. Baekhyun never did anything to those guys but why are the comments here bashing Baekhyun? I can't understand the comments

4. I thought "Must he say it like that?"... But after I read the comments here, why is everyone bashing Baekhyun?ㅋㅋㅋ 

5. I'm a fan who attended the actual recording, and there's a corner where the members would share their TMI with the fans, so the members said that the TMI about Jaemin is that he's been only listening to Baekhyun sunbae's songs recently, so please don't twist his words. Look at you cutting the previous part and editing it on a text to make it look worse ㅋㅋ  You hate him so much, anyone reading this would think that he said that Baekhyun's song sucked

6. But isn't it normal to only keep the songs you like the most on the albums..?

7. The people here seem to hate him so much, I didn't think he said anything wrong... No matter how I see it, I don't think he was hating on it, just that he made a mistake when trying to say something

8. Baekhyun isn't doing anything, but he's the most pitiful in this...

9. Aside from Jaemin, I bet everyone else who attended thought he made a fool of himself...

10. Why are people pretending like Baekhyun never said anything wrong...? Baekhyun has said so many controversial things before


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