Sunday, November 17, 2019


 "Actually we were in the middle of preparing "Jinri Market2".
I remember it was one of Sulli's idea"
"She was saying stuff like "Why do we need to hide our sanitary pads when going around?""

"So that's why we decided to make a transparent pouch to allow women to confidently walk around with it"

"I'm a guy but she gave me 2 boxes of eco friendly sanitary pads"

"For her fans, and especially for her female fans, I felt her sincerity and I was moved"

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1. [+86, -3]
Seriously though, why do we need to hide our pads when hanging out??

2. [+73, -0]
Me too I don't really get it... I always felt like we have to hide our sanitary pads for some reason. I've always felt like "what if the men see it" so I always went around with a black bag, my mom too, and the lady in the mart too.... I just didn't understand since I was young, but did it because I heard it from my mom and when she told me that, I went "But why??" and my mom said that she will put them in the black bag so it comes in handy when she starts her period.... I just don't understand why I would need to put it in a bag, anyways everyone is aware that girls use sanitary pads no? 

3. [+67, -0]
Sulli-yah ㅠㅠ

4. [+35, -0]
I wonder if this kid's mentality would be the norm in 10 years, but we really need a pioneer to change the mindset 

5. [+26, -0]
I heard that Sulli would give sanitary pads in her fan meetings.. 

6. [+25, -0]
Ah seriously I miss Sulli so much, I really hope she's happy where she is now


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