Sunday, June 28, 2020


BTS paved the way

It's like how BoA and DBSK opened the road to the Japanese market
They are saying how BTS are the ones to open the way in the western market
Rather than saying that they are the first one, it's more like they had the most impact and trickle down effect in opening the way for future generations ㅇㅇ

For example, after BTS won the Social Artist Award on Billboard > it increased the use of SNS for marketing purposes

Or when BTS were the first one to legally distribute their albums in the western market > before other artists were only relying on bundled sales but after that,  other groups started to distribute/shelf their albums too

BTS also became mainstream and increased kpop's exposure

But there are a part of the foreign kpop fandom who aren't agreeing with this
They are saying things like "there are other groups who were there before Bangtan" or "why are you acting like this or that group wasn't there at that time?"

There were other artists before BoA and DBSK too before they opened the Japanese market, but nobody is saying that the ones before them were the ones to open the way

Foreign fans are fighting everyday because of this

I'm adding these pics because they are funny

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1. To be honest, they have to acknowledge this. Before that, people were called "world stars" just by making an American advancement. But I was surprised to see them even appearing on US TV shows. Please appear on Korean shows too

2. It's just f*cking true that Bangtan opened the way

3. Isn't it funny that they are denying this? Just go ask any American businessman

4. This post has over a thousand commentsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ isn't this obviously true???

5. Isn't it just a fact that kpop had no recognition in the western world before Bangtan?

6. Isn't this a fact? Because of Bangtan, it opened a distribution network for kpop idols and people also became more interested in kpop. You seriously can't deny this

7. I seriously am not a fan of Bangtan, nor in the past, nor now. But isn't it a fact that after Bangtan, the market has expanded? I find it fascinating that people can even deny this

8. What is this? It's such a obvious fact... but why are there so many comments here?

9. I'm so shocked that they are fighting over such an obvious statement.... To be honest, PSY had no fandom. The ones who attracted the US fandom was Bangtan

10. Even I think that this is true.... at first, I wasn't so sure but after they appeared at the Grammys and other famous TV shows, I had a reality check

11. This is true. Bangtan has paved the way. But I doubt that any kpop singers would be able to do as much after them


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