Tuesday, September 14, 2021


Her outfit is Ralph Lauren 

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1. Her force is daebak 

2. J.Lo is seriously coolㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

3. Look at that body 

4. I still watch the Super Bowl concert every day. J.Lo was so cool 

5. Look at her body, she's so good at managing herself 

6. Freaking amazing... Her styling, her attitude, her body, she owned all those 3, and she suits the theme perfectly 

7. She's the only one who got the theme right 

8. Freaking cool. Look at her gaze. And her clothes is signature Ralph Lauren and USA 

9. Wow the moment I saw her outfit, I got reminded of the West America. She's the best dressed in Met Gala. She's cool 

10. Wow the queen of West America! Her dress makes her look like she's about the ride horses there! She's so cool and pretty 


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